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Fed up with irritating ads, auto-play videos? Google Chrome to block these soon

Google is planning to introduce new features into its popular Chrome browser, wherein pesky ads, pop-ups and auto-play videos will be automatically blocked. Such content will be reviewed by automated algorithms, and if they don’t meet the standards set by Google, they will be automatically blocked. Either some or all of such promotional content will be blocked on certain websites, if the standards set by Google are not met. Google is currently working with publishers to understand their needs and to inform them what kind of promotional content will no longer be acceptable. The ad-blocking feature will be turned on by default.

The type of content that will be blocked will also include pre-stitial ads, wherein users are made to wait for a specific countdown period before accessing the webpage or website. However, since most publishers use such content to boost ad revenue, Google will have to find a middle path that meets the expectations of both users and publishers. Google is currently evaluating a plan wherein publishers will be allowed to display a note that the ads have been blocked by third-party software. Users will then have the option to either disable the ad-blocking feature or opt for an ad-free pass or subscription of some kind for that specific website.

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