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FELIX inks agreement with Hong Kong’s global fintech financial services PayBank

In continuation with its 3rd listing on Bithumb Global, FELIX which remains no. 1 in the blockchain DAPP market has now signed a strategic business agreement with a global fintech service company in Hong Kong —Reveille Technology which operates PayBank.

Reveille Technology is a global fintech company that has acquired MSB licenses in the US and headquartered in Hong Kong. Reveille Technology is currently preparing to establish a branch office in Europe and acquire an EMI license.

With this business agreement, Reveille Technology plans to provide convenience to FELIX users through ‘PayBank’ blockchain wallet service.

PayBank is a well-known blockchain-based global online financial service that provides fast remittance and convenient payment system regardless of the user’s country or nationality.

In addition to cross-border virtual currency payments, the physical check card service which can be used both online and offline is considered a great advantage of PayBank.

Through this strategic alliance, FELIX users can easily purchase virtual assets via credit card, Apple Pay, etc. without going through a cryptocurrency exchange. This will not only be faster but also much more convenient to use on FELIX DAPP.

Furthermore, FELIX plans to provide FELIX affiliate debit cards (VISA, MASTER) so that users can make real-time offline payments anywhere in the world with it. 

The PayBank app also provides an online payment function for PayBank affiliates through relevant cryptocurrencies using QR code.

FELIX is evolving as an entertainment service group and undergoing through new challenges. It has expanded global service and partnership synergy for users which includes the recent domestic and overseas listings, business agreements with Binance official brokers, and strategic alliances with PayBank. 

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