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Feminazi” A halt on the journey to True Feminism!

By Chhavi Auplish, Communications Professional

In its most basic form, the feminist movement aims for gender equality. That is the core, retained inside layers upon layers of debate, which have spawned a plethora of offshoots with varying ideologies developed over years of resistance. Feminism, in all of its forms, is far from a straight path today. So, on the road to equality, there’s a lot going on, and traffic jams are usual. While we’re all on our own paths, it’s important to remember the feminist ideal of valuing individual choice, freedom, and “Pseudo Feminism” above all else.

So, Feminism? Another shot for demeaning men in the society? Rather, an effort to put a lash out on this glorifying bonfire which is repudiating to slow down. While slogging the morals and values of humanity as wood logs to keep the fire burning. We, as a society have settled with the concept of feminist as to be a bold and shrewd woman protesting against men…let’s not make it again a generation long battle to establish equality. The concern was to give equal rights to the ones deprived due to patriarchy since ages, but it became tremendous dissent and vehement disagreement today. At its root, feminism is about gender equality, not “sameness.” Many people contend that because women aren’t “the same” as males, there can’t be equality. In other words, because men and women’s bodies are different (many remarks “weaker” and “smaller”), and because men and women have differing physical capabilities, equality is impossible. It’s all about equal rights and equal empowerment in this case. To retain the right to equality, men and women do not have to be literally identical. Thus, to completely bring down the glass ceiling we need to acknowledge with deeper understanding of where this society stands? We’re surrounded by the claws of sneaky monsters of subtle sexism…! Which possess the master skills of hiding in plain sight. Sexist ideas are so deeply embedded in our lives, thanks to patriarchal upbringing and our own reluctance to change, that we don’t know how to filter them out. Whose fault is it albeit that we often fail to catch these micro – aggressors? Consider what has shaped your entire perspective on these subjects. What part of the world did they originate from? Early adulthood or childhood? What you read and watch in the media, or your personal encounters with men and women? Who in your “tribe,” family or peers, has an impact on your current beliefs? Consequently, it has become imperative to inculcate true values in the beginning of a new life. Because, Finally, we all respect and cherish the views, values, and ideals that we believe are right and good for us. So, lets incorporate some true in the very beginning…

The final verdict at the end would just be that; a rebellious mindset – in offices, in politics, in other leadership is not only for women in true feminism…Characteristics that defines a passionate, ambitious, and resolute individual is not only for women in true feminism…Everyday misogyny is not only for men in true feminism!!

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