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Feng Shui revelations to make your love recipe palatable!

imagesFeng Shui is not an allegation or a ransom or a supine persuasive or something which is detestable or abhorrent or a trace that is insignificant or nagging. It is a sumptuous, sacred, renowned ramification of revelations. It is a Chinese imperative succession, which is ancient (but not corny or obsolete and we availed it as inherit), wholesome, valiant, allegiant, steadfast, trustworthy, carnal, splendour, lucid (not too ponderable) which had sworn to play a worthwhile role to infuse the heavenly zip into your love life yet make you welled-up with persistence! If you will ponder the legionary revelations (of Feng Shui) advertently, solemnly, then it will pop, grasp yet nip grieves, envy, resentments, worries, change the precarious predicament of your subtle or sensual love life or marital life successively – but lingeringly – like an incantation.

  • laughingbuddha1First of all, locate a bed with the properest size.
  • Pursuant to the Feng Shui method, if you desire to bask the feeling of indemnity, then you surely need a headboard, which is quite solider.
  • Impose pink, vibrant green, white (avoid the red colour) colour (new) bedsheets with new lines to make your love life rejuvenated and warm.
  • Don’t keep your bed in a corner. Use the both sides of the bed simultaneously.
  • The head side of the bed should not be under a window.
  • Make the bed free from anything – which is extra.
  • Same suggestion for the integral room as well.
  • Bestow a little bit of pink in your walls and windows.
  • You can use chocolate, brown, beige, rose, ivory etc as the wall colour of your bed room.
  • Place the accessories of distinct shades of red.
  • Avoid the colour of lavender.
  • Keep maintaining the colour balance as well.
  • Entrust romantic pictures, paintings in your bedroom. your bedroom is not a right locus to keep the pictures, paintings Etc).
  • Entrust some candles, heart symbols etc.
  • In the back right hand corner of your bedroom, just place a pair of pink candles beautifully. Don’t forget to illuminate them every day.
  • Place the photos of you both merely. (Remember one thing – your bedroom is not a right locus to keep the photos of your parents, children, other relatives, friends Etc).
  • One of the Feng Shui taboos is – just weed up the TV from the room of your sleep and romance.
  • Sweep out everything – which is related with you job.
  • Hang some empty hangers – if you are single – it imparts that – you are ready to avail love in your life.
  • To coax your love God, use symmetrical bedside furniture.
  • Don’t keep a mirror against your bed.
  • Don’t divide your bedroom to make an additional room.
  • Make your bedroom the most private place for you and your love pal.
  • Turn on your bedside lamps same time – every day and turn off after 3 of hours – every day.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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