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Feng Shui tips to keep the luck flowing in your house

Who does not like to have all the good luck and positivity in their houses. People do lot many things to do this, but what if we tell you exactly the methods to achieve this according to Feng Shui? Interesting, isn’t it.


Below are certain tips to keep the optimism and good luck at its best, inside your home:

1. Over a period of time, it’s quite common to accumulate things which could contribute towards creating blockages and stagnation not just in your personal life, but even your career.

2. A burner that doesn’t heat could be a sign of fruitless effort, and an oven that runs too hot could be burning up your money and your physical energies too. Get these fixed!

3. Dirt and grime are also signs of negative energy, so be sure to keep your stove-top and oven clean.

4. At the entrance if you have a naked wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Since a naked wall represents loneliness, it is a good way to conceal it.

5. Place a family photograph in the south-west direction in a yellow or golden frame for healthy family relations. Or a picture / painting of sunflower for a healthy family bond.

6. Place natural green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negativity and bring brightness.




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