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Few relaxation techniques to reduce stress


Identify the stressors – It is one of most important point to know. Many peoples are unknown about the source of stress. So find it and avoid them. If your Boss is source of stress. Then you need work on mental status. Be prepared for his/her worthless words and forget asap.

Avoid commitments – Many peoples are much confidence or over confidence on their abilities and make promises in a casual and thinks can complete or fulfill their commitment on just fingers.

Avoid all such commitments. Assure your clients, your close one and love ones that you will do and will give your best .

Late wakening habit or improper sleep – Take a quality sleep in night so that body get repaired or prepared for next day activities. It improves your performance and efficiency at work.

Helping Nature – Make friends at work , help them when they need. Worlds works on give and take mythology. If you help someone, in return, they will.

Small breaks – It is very important to take small break at work hours. Massage your body, cheeks, necks, stretch your body.

There are lot of other ways to reduce your stress from body, life etc. Like have healthy, light food, do yoga daily, Go on outing at least once in month, spend some time with family and friends daily and atlest once in week, avoid consumption of alcholic items, avoid fried food etc.

By: Manu Arora

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