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FICOD 2014 closes its doors with more than 4,000 visitors, 74 speakers and 80 investors

  • The General Manager of, César Miralles,  emphasized collaboration with industry, the growing role of entrepreneurs and the inspiring debates in the event, during the formal closing session. 
  • The final day focused on the importance of talent and training for young people in the digital content industry. 
  • The International Digital Content Forum had a big impact on social networking, with 70 million comments and a potential audience adding up to 14,5 million only on Twitter. Plus 20.000 connections were registered through streaming.

clausura (1)Madrid, December 4th, 2014 – The General Manager of, César Miralles, was responsible for closing the sixth edition of the International Digital Content Forum, which was held this week at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid.

During his speech, Miralles gave the main figures of FICOD 2014, with over 4.000 visitors, about 80 investors, 800 meetings, 60 local speakers, 14 international speakers and over 100 activities.

Miralles also stressed the impact of the event on social networking. FICOD was trending topic on Twitter for three days, with 16.500 tweets accounting for 70 million impacts and a potential audience of 14,5 million people. Over 40 companies and 24 training centers took part in person. Close to 20.000 people followed the event through streaming from Spain and also from other countries (862 international connections).

César Miralles made a journey through the speeches and activities performed at this FICOD edition. He highlighted the collaboration with all the industry in the sector in organizing the event and the collaborative environment during these days. “It was exciting and inspiring”, indicated Miralles, before playing a video report of the meeting.

The General Manager of also reminded us that FICOD is present year-round collaborating with event such as Zinc Shower, Sónar+D, Gamelab, El Chupete, 3D Wire, eShow, The South Summit, EEC14 and Inspirational. His speech ended with a declaration of intention with regard to FICOD 2015: “We are going to start working immediately. We want an even more international event, with a wider focus towards digital economy and we will encourage a broader participation of the young people in this sector”.

The final day at FICOD 2014 began with an interesting roundtable debate with young talents from the digital sector, telling their personal experiences and encouraging the audience to develop activities which motivate them. Carlos Baena, from Animation Mentor, created this online animation school after working in companies such as Pixar or Paramount Pictures. Baena recommended that young people look for what they really have passion for, because “waking up feeling happy to go to work is priceless”.

Javier Burón, partner at SocialBro, decided to create this successful company together with his partner Alfredo Artiles, after not succeeding with seven previous projects. As he pointed out, “innate talent does not exist”, what matters is hard work and motivation. Finally, Luz Rello told her experience as a specialized investigator developing applications to improve dyslexia, and argued that talent is a set of facts: experience, knowledge and a strong desire to keep going. They all told the young people in the auditory “if you have a goal, you must go for it”.

Google Glass and FitBit at the seminar for Wearables

During the seminar for wearables that make life easier, Benoìt Raimbault, from FitBit, explained how technology helps us generate data, “to react before them and set challenges and goals”. Julián Beltrán, from Droiders, talked about coming applications from Google Glass, which will be using voice for internet access and helping companies save costs. Beltrán predicted that the use of these glasses will be popularized in 2016, since they “help recuperate the hand we lost” when the mobile telephone was implanted.

Before the institutional closing sessions, Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop, talked about the importance of technological and artistic studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics, STEAM), which are some of the key factors for the industry’s future development. As he argued, this knowhow shall not be limited to higher education, but must be inculcated into children and young people. For this reason, Livingstone is leading an initiative to improve education so that young people can work on creativity, initiative and collaboration. In his opinion, planning will promote equal opportunities for all.

In the morning, AMETIC held in parallel the seminar ‘E-skills for jobs-España’, where several experiences and visions of digital skills as a dynamic force of labor market were exposed. The speakers were Pablo Hispán Iglesias, from the Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid; Juan Gascón, from AMETIC; Professor Hipólito Vivar; Fernando Herrero, from Madrid Emprende; Alberto Ufano, from Zed, and Jorge Calderón, from U-tad.

FICOD Industria held discussions about changes in the digital cultural sector, the power of a “Like it”, ‘serious games’ to strengthen our skills, interactivity by mobility and geo-location, and changes in TV with presentations from MUWOM, Hydra Social Media, Smart Sources, Gestionet, Muchomove, MTC Soft, Bandai Mamco Games and 24I. Besides, two institutional cases represented by the House of America about “creation and broadcasting of cultural contents via web and social networking” and the Consorcio de la Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC) about “fiscal advantages for the digital content sector” were included.

The final workshops of FICOD Talent were carried out by the entities U-tad, IEB School, ESNE, Startup Academy and Primer Frame, introducing growth hacking strategy implementation and examples of the best entrepreneurship for the environment.

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