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FICOD 2014 closes its doors with more than 4,000 visitors, 74 speakers and 80 investors

  • The CEO of, César Miralles, highlighted collaboration with industry, the role of entrepreneurs and the inspiring nature of the event, during decommissioning. 
  • The final day was focused on the importance of talent and training of young people in the field of digital content. 
  • The International Forum on Digital Content has had great impact on the social networks, with 70 million impressions and 14.5 million potential audience only in Twitter. Also there have been 20,000 connections through streaming. 


Madrid, December 4, 2014 .- The general manager of, César Miralles, was responsible for closing the sixth edition of the International Digital Contents Fair, which was held this week at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid . In his speech, Miralles has unveiled the main figures of FICOD 2014, summarized in more than 4,000 visitors, about 80 investors, 800 scheduled meetings, 60 national speakers, 14 international and over 100 activities. 

Miralles has also emphasized the role of social media event. FICOD was trendingtopic on Twitter for three days, with 16,500 tweets involving nearly 70 million hits and a potential 14.5 million audience. They have participated in person over 40 companies and 24 training centers.Nearly 20,000 personashan followed the event streamed from Spain and also from other countries (862 international connections).

César Miralles did a tour of the presentations and activities that have been made ​​in this edition of FICOD. He emphasized collaboration with all industry sector in organizing the event and collaborative environment that has been generated during these days. “It was exciting and inspiring,” said Miralles, before launching video highlights of the match.

The CEO of also recalled that FICOD is present throughout the year to assist with events such as Zinc Shower, Sonar + D, Gamelab, The Pacifier, 3D Wire, eShow, The South Summit, EEC14 and Inspirational. His speech ended with a declaration of intent regarding FICOD 2015: “We will start working already. We want an even more international event, which will expand the focus to the digital economy and encourage greater participation of young people in this sector. “

The final day of FICOD 2014 began with an interesting panel discussion with young talents in the digital sector, who narrated their personal experiences and encouraged the audience to develop activities that motivate them. Carlos Baena, Animation Mentor, has created this online animation school after passing through companies like Pixar or Paramount Pictures. Baena has recommended young people seeking their passions, because “up wanting to go to work priceless”.

Javier Buron , SocialBro partner, decided to create this successful company with partner Alfredo Artiles, after not succeed with seven other projects anteriores.Según noted, “innate talent does not exist” and what matters are the hours of work and motivación.Finalmente, Luz Rello has had experience as a researcher specializing in application development to improve dyslexia and said that talent is a set of things: experience, knowledge and desire to move forward. All stressed youth in the audience that “if you have a goal, go for it”.

Google Glass and FitBit in the seminar Wereables

During the seminar wearables that facilitate daily life, BenoìtRaimbault of FitBit, he referred to how technology helps us to generate data, “to react and propose challenges and goals.” Meanwhile, Julian Beltran , of Droiders, has

He talked about upcoming applications of Google Glass, with which they will be able to use voice to access the Internet yayudar companies in saving costs.

Beltran has predicted queel use of these glasses was popularized in 2016, because with them “recover the hand that had lost” with the introduction of mobile phone.

 Before institutional closure, IanLivingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop, spoke of the importance of technological and artistic studies (Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics, STEAM), which are a major key to the future development of the sector. According defended the acquisition of this knowledge should not be limited to higher education, it is necessary to instill children and youth. Therefore, Livingstone leading an initiative to improve education for young people to work creativity, initiative and collaboration. In his view, the programming will promote equal opportunities for everyone.

During the morning, AMETIC held parallel seminar ‘E-skillsforjobs-Spain’, which have shown different experiences and insights about digital skills as a catalyst labor market. Hispan intervened Pablo Iglesias, the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid; Juan Gascón, AMETIC; Professor Hipólito Vivar; Fernando Herrero, Madrid Embark; Alberto Ufano, Zed, and Jorge Calderón, U-tad.

In FICOD Industry have been treated transformations of digital culture sector, the power of a “like” the ‘seriousgames’ to enhance our skills, mobility and interactivity geolocation, and changes in the television presentations MUWOM, Hydra Social Media, Smart Sources, Gestionet, Muchomove, MTC Soft, BandaiMamcoGames and 24I. In addition, it has had two institutional cases represented in the House of America on the “creation and dissemination of cultural content via web and social networks” and the Consortium of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) on the “tax advantages for the digital content industry.”

Recent workshops have led Talent FICOD out the U-tad, IEB School, ESNE, StartupAcademy and First Frame entities that have introduced the implementation of growth strategies hacking and examples of best entrepreneurship for the environment


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