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Field Engineer’s global network of freelancers and skilled engineers/technicians adopts the gig economy culture to stop the troubles currently facing recruiters and companies in their quests to build the strongest potential teams.

A quick shift in industry hiring

The share of tech-related job postings from critical US retailers rose from 10% of the chains’ total postings in 2016 to 23% in 2019, according to a job marketplace. The dramatic shift reflects how retail jobs — from the C-level to the entry-level employees — are presently requiring some understanding of tech.

The metro areas where tech jobs at retail companies are becoming quickest are not in major US tech hubs yet in business sectors like Burlington, Vermont; Lewiston, Maine; Charlottesville, Virginia; Kokomo, Indiana; and Norwich, Connecticut. A significant number of these business sectors are developing tech hubs for e-commerce business warehouses (eg. Amazon).

A Better Way to Build a Customer-Centric Company Culture

Company culture is one of the hot-button issues in C-suites today and considering current situations. Providing a wonderful customer experience is directly dependent on culture. Success depends upon employees to make quick decisions and creatively apply their experience of customer needs far beyond what any rulebook could cover. Traditional customer service training and best practices will get you started, in any case, beyond those, you need to build and model a top-down culture of customer support.

Let your cultural expectations drive your work at every possible junction.

Let people you’re recruiting and new hires know what is important in the culture you’re striving to create. This is fundamental, yet often ignored: Recruiting, hiring and onboarding so frequently get prevented in forms to fill out and other everyday details that the new or potential employee never hears what the company they’re joining, or will possibly join, is about.

  • Start hiring employees for their psychological potential to serve customers, not just for their experience and technical skills.
  • Make your company culture clear from the earliest starting point and organize it into each new employee’s onboarding process.
  • Reflect your talent management approach through a employee’s tenure.

Likewise, when they’ve settled in as a part of your company, guarantee your talent management approach is agreed with your cultural targets. Applaud employees at every juncture for their ace customer conduct and meet with them on a frequent timetable to meet their commitment to how your customer-driven culture could be made significantly stronger.

This also suggests building customs to reinforce your cultural desires. One stunning custom that works in many types of organizations is what I call a daily “customer service minute.” (Despite its name, it will probably require five minutes.) Hold your customer service minute close to the beginning of every workday or toward the beginning of each shift if you run more than one shift a day. Each customer service minute should be committed to a single aspect of providing remarkable service support. This normally consolidates sharing examples that outline that single service standard, as well as, spent going over supportive strategies, pitfalls experienced and challenges to overcome that relate with that rule.

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