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Find blood in emergencies through the Lookup app

Technology connects people to blood banks!

tumblr_inline_nqspm57B101t5e9ky_500Bengaluru, July 2, 2015: Lookupthe app that connects shoppers with local businesses has tied up with blood banks across Bengaluru to enable faster blood donations in times of emergency. The vision behind the initiative is to facilitate friends and family of patients to find blood for their loved ones easily. It eliminates the need to check for donor availability through WhatsApp or Facebook. Users can also donate blood via Lookup simply by connecting with a conveniently located blood bank in their vicinity.

Speaking on the initiative, Deepak Ravindran, founder and CEO of Lookup said, “We saw a huge opportunity in leveraging our platform to assist users when they most need it. It’s heartening to see blood banks using technology to provide enhanced convenience to the common man. It gives us immense pleasure to know that with just a message through Lookup; our users can save their loved ones with easy access to information about blood group availability.”

To encourage more people to help others out, Lookup will give away a lookup customized blood donor T-shirt every time one donates blood or platelets.

Download the Lookup app now and save lives of others. Use it when you need it most and assure your loved ones of the best care in the shortest span of time!

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