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Find Out The Reason Why Sushant Singh Rajput kicked Out At Senior Journalist and what Parneeti said after that ?

We all know Sushant Singh Rajput from the day when he was playing the role of ‘Manav’ in Ekta Kapoor’s TV serial “Pavirta Rishta”. We all know that he has very cool and calm personality. But recently, Sushant Singh Rajput was spotted at the trailer launch of Raabta where he lost his coolness. Why? we tell you here- In the event, he was asked by a journalist to give two cents about his thoughts on the ongoing altercation between India and Pakistan over Kulbhushan Singh Jadhav. He denied to comment on this matter. He said,”I Think, somebody should not give his or her opinion, If he or she is not really well informed about the topic. Because it’s a sensitive thing.. To say yes Condemn or no condemn, one needs to be responsible enough to know the facts related to it. “
On this the journalist followed up by claiming it to be an issue of national interest that every Indian should be aware off, Sushant got even more furious and bombarded the journalist and counter-questioned her. 
Not only Sushant, Parineeti Chopra too declines to comment on Jadhav issue, when she was also asked by a journalist in a event. Parineeti said – “I feel I am the least important and least worthy (person) to comment on this genuinely. Our government is on it and they are dealing with it the way they should and they will do what is best for the country and the person involved. I don’t think my opinion matters,”
We are agree with you both!!!

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