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Find the Best Baby Crib Stores

Once you find out that you are having a baby, there can be a lot of emotions and thoughts running through your head. First of all, congratulations! This is a very exciting moment and it’s worth being celebrated! However, you can’t celebrate for too long because there is much planning to be done.

Arguably the most important thing to start with when planning for a baby is starting with the nursery. This is where your baby is going to be spending a lot of time within the first pivotal years of their life. That’s where the baby is going to spend their time sleeping, napping, getting changed, and spending quality time with their family!

Having a newborn baby can be a very stressful time, especially when having to plan out the nursery. You may want to decorate the room to reflect the baby’s gender or make it as cute as possible. Regardless of how the room is decorated, the most important thing to remember is safety. By emphasizing safety, you won’t need to worry about anything going wrong with the furniture.

When buying furniture for the nursery, safety is the number one priority to keep in mind for everything you purchase. Especially for pieces of furniture like the crib, it’s very important to weigh out your options before purchasing anything.

There are a lot of different baby crib stores out there and each store may have a better inventory than others. When on the hunt for any nursery furniture, you should be checking the safety standards of each item you might want to buy, regardless of which baby store you are buying it from. 

Here is a list of some great baby furniture stores to help get you started.

Best Baby Crib Stores 

  • Pottery Barn 

This store has been long dedicated to very high-quality furniture and ones that are built to last. Pottery Barn cribs are specifically designed to grow with your child. Meaning, they can transform from a crib to a bed as your child gets older. Their furniture also is well-known for its great designs and styles, which can spruce up your baby’s nursery.

  • Wayfair

This online store has the best and widest selection out of most other baby furniture stores. You can probably find every piece of furniture, bedding, and extra storage you need all on Wayfair’s website. They also offer assembly services so you can ensure the crib is put together safely and correctly.

  • Buy Buy Baby

This store is one of the more popular and modern baby furniture stores on the market. Unlike other stores, Buy Buy Baby specializes in only baby furniture and baby-related items.

  • West Elm

This furniture store is for the fashionable and design-forward thinking parents. Not only is their baby furniture well-made but your baby is going to be sleeping in the most modern and stylish crib available. 

  • Kids N Cribs

Like most of us these days, we want to try to support smaller businesses. It’s the ethical and neighborly thing to do, especially in times like this. Kids N Cribs stocks their online baby furniture store with the highest quality brands and designers. All of the furniture supplied by Kids N Cribs will meet all regulated safety standards, as well as your standards as a parent. 

Check out Kids N Cribs for an impressive selection of cribs and other furniture. The team knows everything about baby-related products and baby furniture, so you can purchase your whole nursery set with peace of mind. 

Go visit their website at and find everything you need. They even have a selection of older children’s furniture, too!

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