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Find your love through lens – Check out some Valentine’s Day shoot ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for aspiring portrait photographers to practice love story and romantic photo shoots.

Valentine’s Day shoots can be a great time for the couples to bond during the month of February. Valentine’s Day shoots have become  a necessity for the couples.  These moments are romantic for the couple. It isn’t rare to see couples happily reminisce their initial chemistry and relive that spark during a shoot. It is a great way to create everlasting memories.

Check out these Valentine’s Day shoot ideas by Ashish Khattar, Portfolio Studio-

Umbrella Click– A couple holding an umbrella together or behind the umbrella looks amazing and add the feel of romance in your shoot.

Frames– Make your shoot more memorable adding some beautiful, antique or funny frames that reflect the bonding between the couple and also you will have a lot of fun while using these frames to fit into them.

Romantic Rides– If you are a person who wants adventure and fun in your life then bicycle prop is best suitable for you. You can also give a vintage theme using the bicycle.

Bollywood Style– If you are a Bollywood fan, here are some poses for the shoot that are inspired by the filmy couples.

The Perfect Kiss– Okay this one stands out from the rest, owing to the fact that it’s lesser experimented with. It epitomises ‘Love’ at all possible levels.

Dance Sequence– To make the shoot even better, add dance to it. In the kind of Punjabi, Bollywood, Western dance you feel comfortable, at your photo shoot.

Bubbles– The easiest option for innovation in pictures- Bubbles. If you are planning a shoot with bubbles then keep in mind that background should be dark. Many colours in the bubbles make the photo extremely attractive.

Love In Shoot – Being in love is an almost smug feeling, and those people who are really feeling it, or really want to feel it, love to shoot around Valentine’s Day. Again, I like the shots to be about them, rather than me, so as long as they have nice profiles, turn them toward each other and allow the magic to happen.

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