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Fire Prevention Tips to Avoid House Fires

fire prevention tips

When we think about how fire accidents begin, an anomaly in the wiring is sure to come up. People ignore the fact there are electrical companies in the Philippines who can ensure safety and resolve the problem regarding faulty cables.

According to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), one of the most common reasons a fire-related crisis starts is really through the neglect of electrical connections and wirings. In this modern age where everyday life is powered by electricity, it’s not hard for a short circuit or the so-called ‘octopus wiring’ when wires are entangled against each other to cause a fire. So, how could we avoid the simplest mistakes which could determine between starting a fire and preventing them? Here’s how:

Don’t overload circuits and don’t leave them unattended

It’s a frequent fault we always tend to do. Saying “I forgot to unplug the appliance” could mean the difference between life and death. Always double check your electrical appliances. Remind everyone in your home, especially children, to power off their devices whenever they will pause from playing or using them. As much as they need to rest, so does the mechanism which makes devices run. Leave them for a short period (especially those devices which easily overheat), and it could burn the system, or perhaps start a small fire.

Smoke alarms are a necessity, not an option

The best you could do to ensure safety is by staying alert and having the right things in hand. While those living in condominium units could say that their homes are equipped with smoke alarms, make sure they work by having maintenance check on them (or detecting whether the alarm has some sort of indicator to know it’s functioning). Keep fire extinguishers at bay too. You should also know where fire extinguishers are located in places you visit in case of a sudden fire break out.

Replace old and worn out appliances

There is this attitude where it’s hard to let go of something which has become a part of our household and/or office. But sometimes, these are just accidents waiting to happen. Consider your safety first by learning to give up appliances with missing parts and/or those clearly showing signs of an anomaly within its system. If you still find it sentimental or valuable, at least have it repaired if restorations can still be done.

Keep areas clean and organized

Make sure you keep electrical appliances out of reach of children. Appliances can be potential hazards which may generate an outburst of flames, especially when no one is around. If it’s possible to stay out of harm’s way, then do so by keeping an area organized and separate the accident-causing substance.

Have wirings/cables inspected

Is the lighting in the room dimmer? Do they flicker whenever you turn on the light switch? Again, always consider having the house/office’s electrical power sources checked and notify immediately once you notice loose wiring or frayed cables. It’s also one of our attitude where we take for granted what is clear signals of a fuse about to explode. It won’t hurt to have electrical wirings and sources checked and accounted for, but it will definitely hurt when an electrical wire wears down and produces sparks start to create fire.

Key Takeaway

There are many electrical companies in the Philippines who could assist in repairing and resolving one of the most common causes of fire accidents — a loose wire or a strange-acting fuse. Other than making sure there is a timely inspection of power sources, take note that no matter how many times companies such as they would check and answer inquiries, it’s entirely up to you how you could avoid an appliance/gadget’s overheating or take caution on not forgetting to unplug that device you left charging since last night.

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