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First museum dedicated to Partition launched in India

Most countries have monuments and relics that reflect their past and the events that changed their history and their world. However, when we look at India, we see that Partition was a major event that shaped the future of the country. But, there’s hardly any dedicated space that highlights the times that were during partition. However, this is set to change as the first museum dedicated exclusively to the Partition has been launched in India. The museum is located in Amritsar inside the red-brick Town Hall building. The Partition Museum features various memories of the Partition such as newspaper clippings, photographs, personal belongings of people, etc.

The museum is an effort to highlight the significant losses suffered by people at the time of partition. It may be recalled that thousands of people were killed during the Partition and millions of people were displaced. Various screens have also been placed in the museum that play footage of interviews of people who survived the days of the Partition. There is also a section inside the museum, where visitors can write their personal messages about love and peace and global brotherhood. The idea behind the museum is Mallika Ahluwalia, CEO of the Partition Museum. She got the inspiration for the museum from the various stories about the partition that her grandmother told her.

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