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Fitness transformation stories to inspire you: Tony Nicholson

While today, there are several fitness gurus around the world, China-based Tony Nicholson stands out as one of the most renowned fitness instructors. His father’s roots are from South America and his mother from Britain. Tony spent the first 13 years of his life in Oman under the tutelage of his father who coached swimming and football teams in his spare time. Tony’s love for the Chinese language landed him in China where he completed his studies and then took up a regular job. Soon, left depressed due to a family tragedy, Tony turned himself towards fitness training as an escape.

Working out for long hours became Tony’s passion as a means of relieving stress and was then   inspired to enter and actually win a 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge. Winning this challenge strengthened Tony’s belief that fitness is a key necessity for all to be fit and healthy as well as to reduce stress and balance lifestyles. Soon he quit his job and began a career in fitness, working not only to enhance his own health but also that of others.

Tony Nicholson is a true achiever and influencer. Let us look at a few of his achievements.

* In 2009, Tony won the Beijing 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge from among 50 participants.

* His own journey towards fitness has motivated many who look forward to his guidance to transform their lives. His clients include stalwarts like Apple CEO Tim Cook, US Ambassador to China Gary Locke, Yao Ming and Pan Shi Yi.

* Tony has featured in multiple Chinese TV shows and magazines. In January 2011, there was a cover feature on him in the Beijinger.

* Tony launched his own fitness company, 4 Point Fitness, through which he aims to reach out to more people across the world.

* Tony has worked towards developing an 8-minute workout App through which he aims at reducing a collective weight of a billion kilos covering a million people.

* Tony is recognized as one of the top health and fitness coaches in China.

Tony has inspired many people with his enthusiasm for fitness. His unique ability of connecting with people from all walks of life ensures his clients are transformed to towards a healthier and happier life styles.


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