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Five easiest ways to earn part time income from home

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In the past, the only way to make an income was to leave the comforts of your home and venture out on a 9-5 job. However, times have now changed and there are numerous ways to earn money from home. With the rapidly rising need for a second income in today’s inflationary times, home based jobs are more than welcome by those for whom stepping outside home for long hours is not possible. Earning from home is also widely welcome by those who want to earn a little on the side other than their primary job. With hours usually flexible, working from home is quite convenient and profitable.

Some work from home jobs include:

  1. Content writing

If you have a good hold on your grammar and have a decent enough vocabulary along with a fast typing speed, you can opt to be a content writer. Solely home based, this job is rapidly becoming a popular choice.  Firstly, you should recognize the niche/niches that you can write well on; lifestyle, technology, fashion, etc. Some people can write well on almost everything and they have a clear advantage.

You need to get started on freelancing websites such as Upwork,, etc. to find jobs and bid for them. You will be paid relatively less in the starting but your pay per word will gradually rise and start giving you profitable returns if you work hard and build your profile.

  1. Business logo designer

Internet is the hub of designs; from logos to websites to magazine covers; a designer of some sort is always needed. Logo designer is actually a booming career with many opting to do it on a freelance basis from home. Being part of the graphic design community, a logo designer should be creative and be able to develop attention grabbing logos keeping the company’s mission, vision and image in mind.

A logo designer is not a very simple job and it requires true passion and skill. A logo designer must be familiar with graphic designing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, etc. A logo should be visionary and timeless, hence needs to be well planned and executed.The best part is that you can learn basic designing through some free tutorials or online course.

  1. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are skilled professionals that offer companies administrative assistance. The services offered by a virtual assistant are endless. From making calls to drafting emails to research, data entry, book keeping, marketing, event planning, blog management, etc; a virtual assistant may be assigned to do it all!

Virtual assistance is a relatively well paid job with an assistant earning $12-60 per hour based on his/her skill and job description. To be a good virtual assistant, you primarily need good management skills as well as communication skills. You can find some of these jobs at sites like

  1. Translation jobs

Knowing another language can really pay off as you can do translation jobs right from home. In some cases, people work as freelance translators and for some, companies hire you to work for them from home. You can land up translation jobs such as bilingual call centre agent, interpreter, online teaching and localization.

  1. Data entry operator

No particular skills are required to be a data entry operator except maybe having a good typing speed. To land a job as a data entry operator; try out sites such as You can land data entry projects there which can give you the required experience. Slowly build your profile and pay rate until you can earn a significant amount of money through this job.

No doubt working from home has its perks. However, it is not as easy as others make out of it. If you are a full time mother or working a primary job; juggling so many responsibilities at once can be difficult. Moreover, usually work from home is not consistent and reliable work. You have to look for more and more employers and projects after one project ends. This may lead to days and even weeks of gap in your income while you are searching for more work. However, people are able to earn a decent living for themselves with work from home jobs and it has more pros to it than cons in my opinion.

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