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Five intense clashes conclude the third day of 5th Hockey India Sub-Junior Men National Hockey Championship 2015 (Division B)

-Bengal Hockey Association blanked Hockey Gujarat 9-0  

– Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association defeated The Mumbai Hockey Association 3-1 

-Hockey Himachal Pradesh thumped down Hockey Jammu and Kashmir 8-0 

-Chandigarh Olympic Association outbeat Vidarbha Hockey Association 10-0 

-Hockey Madhya Pradesh thrashed Hockey Uttarakhand 4-1 

Jammu & Kashmir, 9 May 2015: The 5th Hockey India Sub-Junior Men National Hockey Championship 2015 (Division B) being played in Jammu & Kashmir saw six tough fought battles today.

The day begun with a victory for Bengal Hockey Association which blanked Hockey Gujarat 9-0. Followed by this, was a battle between Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association and The Mumbai Hockey Association which was won by Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association 3-1. Hockey Himachal Pradesh dominated the next match winning it against Hockey Jammu and Kashmir 8-0. The fourth match was a one sided game between Chandigarh Olympic association and Vidarbha Hockey Association where Chandigarh Olympic association thrashed Vidarbha Hockey Association 10-0. The last clash of the day was won by Hockey Madhya Pradesh who registered a good win 4-1.

The first battle of the day between Bengal Hockey Association and Hockey Gujarat concluded with a wonderful victory for Bengal Hockey Association who defeated the opponents with a huge margin 9-0. Striking a field goal in the early 8th minute Rajesh Mondal opened the account for Bengal Hockey Association. Very soon in the 12th minute Bengal Hockey Association bagged their second goal which was a field goal coming from the stick of Akhilesh Santra. Continuing with a confident performance, Bengal Association added the third field goal to their scorecard when Karan Dhanuk smartly sneaked the ball into nets in the 15th minute. Hockey Gujarat made all efforts to possess the ball and start with their scorecard but it was Bengal Hockey Association which with two more field goals in the 24thand 28th minute coming from Faizan Sheikh and Rajesh Mondal dominated the first half with a lead 5-0. The second half again witnessed Bengal Hockey Association scoring in the early 36th minute when once again Akhilesh Santra managed a wonderful field goal for the team. Creating a critical situation for the opponents Akhilesh Santra continued with his brilliant performance and smashed another field goal into the net in the 41st minute. With a penalty stroke conversion and a field goal in the 45th and 65th minute, Nadim Hossain Saikh added to the victory of Bengal Hockey Association against Hockey Gujarat with a massive score 9-0.

A hard fought battle between Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association and The Mumbai Hockey Association was witnessed at Jammu today as the first half was won by the defence for both the teams as they did not allow the opponents to break the shackles and score. With 0-0 on the scorecard the second session was eth deciding period for both the teams. It was The Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd. who finally broke the deadlock to score the first goal of the match in the 39th minute as Parneet Naik scored through a brilliant field goal. Dadra and Nagar Haveli Association having lost the edge upped the ante of the game as they went all out in their attack. It finally bore results for the team when they equalized in the 58th minute as Bipin Yadav scored though a field effort. This was followed by Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association adding two consecutive goals in the 64th and 67th minute and winning the game 3-1.

Hockey Jammu and Kashmir taking on Hockey Himachal Pradesh was brought down 0-8 in a one sided match where the later dominated the entire game. Hockey Himachal Pradesh struck as early as the 5th minute when Captain Sher Singh scored through a field effort. 10th minute and Amar Verna doubled his teams lead with a brilliant field goal. With two goals in their kitty Hockey Himachal Pradesh struck again in the 14th minute as Pankaj stood tall at the D to deflect the ball into the nets and the fourth goal came soon in the 20th minute which was a penalty corner converted by Param Jeet. With half time scores at 4-0, Hockey Himachal Pradesh completed the unfinished job as they went on to add four more goals in the 42nd, 60th, 68th and 69th minute as they registered a convincing win of 8-0.

The fourth clash of the day between Vidarbha Hockey Association and Chandigarh Olympic Association was a triumph for Chandigarh Olympic Association who pulled down Vidarbha Hockey Association 10-0. Getting on the ground with immense confidence, Chandigarh Olympic Association started the proceedings in the 5th minute itself with a field goal resulting from the stick of Maninder Singh. Vidarbha Hockey Association trying to open their score card was seen looking for opportunities to score, however, it was again Maninder Singh from Chandigarh Olympic Association who managed another field goal for the team. The first half of the match ended in favour of Chandigarh Olympic Association, leading with 2-0. The second half was dominated completely by Chandigarh Olympic Association as they scored their third goal with a penalty corner conversion by Mandeep in the 41st minute. Goals continued to rain in for Chandigarh Olympic Association with two back to back field goals in the next two minutes smashed by Sanjay and Sukhman Singh. Not allowing the opponents to come back in the game, Maninder Singh emerging as the star of the show smashed an excellent field goal for Chandigarh Olympic Association in the 47th minute followed by three field goals coming from Sanjay and Sukhman Singh and Maninder Singh again in the 50th and 53rd and 59th minute. Earning another penalty corner in the 68th minute which was converted by Mandeep, Chandigarh Olympic Association declared an outstanding victory against Vidarbha Hockey Association 10-0.

The last battle between hockey Madhya Pradesh and Hockey Uttarakhand was won by Hockey Madhya Pradesh with a score 4-1. It was Hockey Uttarakhand who started the proceedings when Rajeev Kumar converted a penalty corner in the early second minute. This was answered back by Hockey Madhya Pradesh with a field goal coming from the stick of Krishna Murari Yadav in the 27th minute. By the end of the first half both the teams were on an equal score 1-1 leaving an excitement for the second half.  In the 45th minute of the game Vijay Yadav from Hockey Madhya Pradesh smashed an excellent field goal which was followed by two more field goals in the 56th and 65th minute by Vijay Yadav again and Gladwin Shaun announcing a triumph for Hockey Madhya Pradesh against Hockey Uttarakhand 4-1

Results of the Day:

Pool C Bengal Hockey Association Rajesh Mondal(8min-FG,28min-FG), Akhilesh Santra (12min-FG,36min-FG,41min-FG), Karan Dhanuk (15min-FG),Faizan Sheikh( 24min-FG), Nadim Hossain Saikh (45min-PS,65min-FG)vs Hockey Gujarat 0

Pool A Dadra and Nagar Haveli Hockey Association 3 Bipin Yadav (58 min-FG), Sanjay Yadav (64 min-FG), Nilesh Kathoute (67 min-FG) vs The Mumbai Hockey Association Ltd. 1 Parneet Naik (39 min-FG)

Pool D Hockey Himachal Pradesh 8 Sher Singh (5 min-FG, 60 min-FG, 68 min-FG), Amar Verma (9 min-FG, 42 min-FG), Pankaj (14 min-FG), Param Jeet (20 min-PC) vs Hockey Jammu & Kashmir 0

Pool D Chandigarh Olympic Association 10 Maninder Singh (5min-FG,24min-FG, 47min-FG,59min-FG),Mandeep (41min –PC,68min-PC),Sanjay (42min-FG,50th -FG),Sukhman Singh (43min-FG,53min-FG) vs Vidarbha Hockey Association 0

Pool B Hockey Madhya Pradesh 4 Krishna Murari Yadav (27min-FG), Vijay Yadav (45min- FG, 56min- FG), Gladwin Shaun (65min-FG) vs Hockey Uttarakhand 1 Rajeev Kumar (2min- PC)

Schedule 9th May 2015 (TOMORROW) 




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