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Five-Star Garbage For Dinner: A Restaurant with a Message in London

A freaked news was heard in London, everyone was shocked and no one believed it till they saw it with their own eyes. One of the best chefs in the world is serving real meals for dinner which are made from garbage, and everyone is just demanding to eat it and asking for more.

With no exaggeration at all, it is a great idea. WastED was an idea of Dan Barber, who is the famous chef and philosopher behind both, the Blue Hill in New York City and  in the Hudson Valley. His idea was really simple but very brilliant.

He made a restaurant where he serves his customers the lunch, dinner and tea, but they are all made with ingredients that was left from other meals and they would have been thrown. He is sending important message to everyone, he is asking them to call attention to how much we waste good food.

This pop-up restaurant was actually launched on February 24. Everyone who was there on opening night, was shocked by the scene, first it is  the guest chef of the day “Alain Ducasse”, and additionally they felt as they were witnessing an important cultural moment.

Their menu is so special, you see strange dishes like Lettuce Butts with smoked salmon collar , Waste Rarebit, ale bread and cheese trimmings; and cheeseburger which had a new name “Juice Pulp Bacon Cheeseburger on a repurposed bread”. Even the salad was a strange version of Caesar.
Every dish for lunch or dinner costs only £15.
All these names and more are illustrated on the menu with a glossary of ingredients and dishes on its back.

On The back of the menu you see strange expressions that refer to the kind of dishes offered at the restaurants like:

-“Broken rice” is explained as “fractured rice grains, which is broken in the milling process.” –

– “diet of whey, restaurant scraps, spent grain, and vegetables.” -“Mystery cheese” which is an off-type of cheese that is unsuitable for the market.

Yes, these descriptions and many others are more than unappetizing, but who will actually cares when the taste is great?

There is a list of wine which include 3 kinds if the white wine and three if the red wine, and a special category named “wastED Chances”.

The “wastED chances” has a new way of offering since the waiter comes to your table with some playing cards, you pick a card, and they give you a special kind of whine according to the card.

 Even their setting at the restaurant is extraordinary as their food. The decor was made by Barber’s sister-in-law Lauren who collaborated with innovative designers from around the world, lampshades from mushrooms and seaweed, even the tables and chairs are made of artichoke thistle, and a unique kind of ceramics.

This is not just a restaurant, but a restaurant with important meaning, their meals are made for a purpose. The idea is to let everyone know how much people waste food annually, actually  Americans waste at least 130 billion tons of food. However, we hope  that the message reaches to the ones who can change the situation.


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