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Flights halted briefly at Delhi Airport after drone sighting

After a drone was sighted by a pilot at Delhi Airport, flight operations were temporarily suspended to ensure proper security at the airport. Due to the temporary closure of the airport, some of the flights were diverted to other airports. One flight each was diverted to Lucknow and Ahmedabad and another flight was diverted to Jaipur for security reasons. Such drone sightings have been reported earlier also. Giving the always present threat of terrorism, security officials did not want to take any chances and suspended the flight operations at Delhi airport. However, flight operations have now resumed at Delhi airport. All three runways are functional now. The flight operations were suspended for a period of around 30 minutes. Security officials are currently investigating the case in more detail.

Currently, there is no specific law in India that deals with the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In comparison, most other countries have specific rules about the use of drones. For example, there is a rule in certain countries that drones should not be operated within 1 km of an airport. Security experts say that drones can easily be used as weapons to target commercial aircrafts.

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