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Every morning , I start my day with a cup of hot steaming tea and a newspaper. One morning , just like my normal morning I started reading newspaper while drinking my favourite adrak wali chai . I read ‘‘today is a black day for every Indian in our country’’. I shockingly looked at the newspaper and found that day had date 16 december 2016. I felt , how could I forget the date ? ‘NIRBHAYA’ the name given by the people to that girl who was raped on the night of 16 december 2012 had completed her 4 years of death. But today nothing is changed . government started lots of plans to stop rape cases or in other words to decreasing the rate of rape cases. Unfortunately , nothing happen . people always blame government not to take any step like starting fast track court .Yes it is definitely right but why should people always blame government ? government can atmost make the law of hanging the criminals of rape cases. This is not enough to stop it. Not every time government is responsible for it but the society is having its crucial role in rapes cases. I am not talking about protesting but supporting.

Our Indian society supports not only molestations but also abductions . the roots of these all things is only our so called ‘sanskarshil’ traditional society.

Every baby in its mother’s womb is like a sweet dream of a lady which is ready to become true. When she shares her dream to her husband and family , then the family also get excited, awaited for that day of rejoice, excitement. Goodness of time, the day of rejoice, i.e. date of delivery comes, everybody get ready to play their new role with respect to that upcoming baby. When docter comes with a good news and says your dream baby is a girl , then all familiars get shocked, how can this happen ? we were awaited for our dream boy as we all had taken care of mother while taking ‘jadibooti’ and all for our dream boy. That’s the fault of our society. The beautiful kali when comes out in the external world from her mother plant body , it needs the support of her mother plant . every member in the family starts scolding to mother for what she has done. The mother thinks like a guilty prisoner, what I done now, oh god! why this happened to me, I hurts everyone that I shouldn’t . I really can’t understand why all people blame mother instead of father for girl child, as the father always decides the gender of the child while early zygote formation. No one thinks that she is a new born baby but thinks about to collect and save money for future wedding of that baby girl. This is the first step of the discrimination between a girl and a boy and most important failure of society. When dream boy comes in the world laddoos are distributed to friends and family, . but situation get changed when dream girl (she is not imagined in the dream) comes, everyone get silenced just like in funeral ceremony .

Not giving respect to the girl till from birth may be the cause of NIRBHAYA’s incidence.

Not teaching your dream boy to respect girls may be the cause of NIRBHAYA’s incidence.

Not to help rape victims from becoming a victim by society may be the cause of NIRBHAYA’s incidence.

The beautiful innocent kali starts to grow and go to school . she has her great interest in sports and academics , due to family opposition she cannot fulfill her willings towards it . when she get her first menstrual period , instead of celebrations of conversion of girl into women other restrictions are added to her freedom like not to pray or touch utensils and not to go outside home during her periods. In the other hand , boys always have freedom to do anything.

Flowers are the blessings of the god we get when it is placed in the feet of the god. when I was a small girl (around 8 years old), I plucked a flower , I loved it and placed into a box and closed it . I am now 18 years yesterday when I opened it , I saw that flower got dried . it got completely dried just like the condition of girls in our country now. It seems to be like a dried flower in a closed box.

Not only give slogans like beti padhao , beti bachao but also implement . girls really need support of family . family always says ‘kuch toh log kahenge’ to girls but didn’t have courage to say ‘logo ka kaam hai kehena, tu bas aage badh kyuki tumhe hai kuch kar dekhana’. Only these words of your support can boost up her confidence to make you and nation proud. This can create a magic of turning a dried unconfident flower to a blossoming confident independent girl. Marriage is not the end of a girl’s life, it also can be her brighting dazzling career like a boy. Don’t discriminate her gender, but appreciate her splendor. Please , please don’t forget that we should have to change behaviors of not only girls but also of boys to make them respect girls .

Respect girls respect nation.

Jai hind .

By: Ruchika Wankhade

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