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Focus On Involving Users to Increase Visits to Your Site

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There are millions of articles on the net about how to increase visits to your site. However, there seems to be a lack of information quality about user retention. The success of a site is usually measured not only on the number of new users, but (above all) based on those who register and are interested in the material you have to say or show. Business communication is too influenced by new technologies: bots and live chats can allow dialogue with users, but interactions are far from being perceived as human and genuine.

Users still receive promotional and spam emails, generic newsletters and irrelevant messages that have as their sole purpose the click bait or the click on a button to purchase a product or to perform an action. Little is done to develop a relationship with a company. Customers are first and foremost people, accustomed to exciting conversations. And in interactions, most brands do anything else – reducing consumer confidence. As customer interaction increasingly takes place through network tools, what businesses earn in terms of instant answers sacrifice it on the rich side of the information provided.

1) Increase visits to the website: value for the time the user spends on your pages

It is for this reason that it is worthwhile for the user to spend his time browsing your pages. Giving value implies avoiding all that futile information and time wasters, turning around a topic and not going straight to the point. People don’t surf the web as carefully as they read a book. Scroll through the various articles and read the details that seem most important to them. They don’t waste time on information that they don’t care about.

Everything you post on your site should be of high quality. If necessary, take extra time to do the necessary research to make your posts top notch and show your users that you care about them.

Don’t insert content just because you want to respect a publication table: make it valuable for your readers, so that they realize that you are really bringing value and you are not publishing so much to do. Maintaining a high quality standard in content will allow you to increase the number of visits of your most loyal users. For this you should take inspiration from the world of TV and more precisely from Netflix and its most successful series.

2) To increase visits to the website, use the cliffhanger and transform users into serial readers of your pages

What is that element that keeps the viewers glued to episode after season, season after season, eagerly waiting? That’s right, you guessed, at the end of each episode and every season, they have a preview of what will happen in the future thanks to trailers and spoilers. Splitting your content into smaller but serially distributed portions is a foolproof way to ensure that your users come back to you on a continuous basis and are passionate about your content, even reporting it to friends and acquaintances, making visits to the site soar your site. This element, in the language of storytelling is called cliffhanger.

The simplest example is the blog posts in installments. You may want to start a series by indicating the title of the article or the video ” Create a successful site, part 1″ , telling people that there will be more content coming on the same topic. Another cliffhanger is the inclusion within the contents of the sentence that brings to another already published content such as: “Make sure you take a look at the X episode, already available, of this series” by creating a network of links to increase the engagement and visits to the pages of your site.

One of the most useful actions you can do to increase visits to your site is to engage your visitors, creating spaces where users can give their opinions and be heard. Responses and comments to blog posts, forum creation and social media pages are just some of the tools you can create almost for free to start a conversation and engage your users more deeply.

Subscribing to your newsletter is also a way to send previews to your subscribers so that they are always interested and involved in your content. Here come into play other types of more advanced strategies such as retargeting and remarketing.

3) Increase visits to the site with a paid strategy: a small introduction to retargeting and remarketing

The retargeting, also known by the name of remarketing, is a form of online advertising that allows you to maintain contact with the person who visited your site even after he’s gone. It is the technology that, anonymously, follows your audience on the web. This is done through codes called pixels, invisible to the human eye but which trace the browsing habits of all your users.

If, for example, the reader leaves your site without buying or registering but has nevertheless shown interest in controlling your content, you can make sure you stay in touch with him, showing specific advertisements related to your products or services while browsing other sites web, use social media or do a Google search.

Despite the enormous efforts you are making to launch or keep your business online, you only have a few seconds to convince the user that it is worth following you and convincing him to become your customer by requesting a quote or making a sale. Nowadays, 96% of users leave a website without doing any action, only after having looked at the main page. And this data is not only valid for new users but also for those already consolidated.

This is why there is an increasing need to identify traffic strategies that increase visits to the site. And often your efforts to generate new traffic take up so much time that you can’t dedicate yourself to converting existing users into paying customers. And this is where retargeting comes in handy, automating the user “recovery” process.


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