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Food Pairing Recommendations for Terra Chips

terraCrunchy, savory chips that taste as good as they look, Terra Chips has been delighting gastronomes since 1990. Made from a wide variety of exotic vegetables and sweet potatoes and infused with exciting flavors, Terra Chips works both as an appetizing snack and a delicious accompaniment to any meal. For more delectable variations, let’s take a look at some recommended food pairings for Terra Chips.

Cheese – The wholesome goodness of cheese when combined with Terra Chips adds that extra zing to your snack. Considering that there are scores of different types of cheese, you can imagine the variety of culinary delights you can create at your home, for yourself, guests and your loved ones. It’s recommended that you try out a few combinations of cheese and Terra Chips to find the best flavors that suit your taste buds. The creamy, protein rich goodness of cheese is just the thing you need for your hunger pangs. Cheese is healthy and delicious and when combined with Terra Chips, it creates a cascade of tantalizing, crunchy flavors in your mouth. You can have these as is, or bake it in a microwave for some time till the cheese melts slightly. You can enhance the experience by adding your favorite toppings such as baked beans, spicy sweet potato wedges, tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, chili & thyme, etc.

Cheese Dips – Available in different flavors, cheese dips render the rich, melt in your mouth experience, which creates the perfect, appetizing contrast when combined with Terra Chips. You can choose your favorite cheese dips and try them with Terra Chips to find out the most scrumptious combinations.
Sandwiches – These make for a healthy snack, but sometimes they may be bereft of exciting flavors you are looking for. Terra Chips fills the gap by infusing the right flavors that will transform an ordinary sandwich into a gastronomical delight.

Salads – You can make your salads a lot more flavorful with Terra Chips. You can use the salad as toppings for Terra Chips or you can slightly crush the chips and sprinkle it over your salad.

Wine, beer and other distilled beverages – Terra Chips works as a great accompaniment for a wide variety of wines including sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, etc. You can also have it with your favorite beer and distilled beverages. Terra Chips works as a flavor enhancer, which ensures that every sip is as exciting as the first one.

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