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Foods which can help you control alcohol consumption

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Alcohol is poison and hence it is imperative to stop its consumption and still if you decide to consume it, it has to be controlled, monitored and responsibly consumed so that it does not effects your health and puts you in danger. Dietician Sheela Seharawat says that will power and understanding can help quit alcohol and surprisingly, consuming certain foods can help in keeping alcohol cravings under control.

Your diet should include fiber-rich complex carbohydrates like pastas, breads and rice as these carbs releases slowly into the bloodstream, thereby steading the blood sugar levels and reducing alcohol carving. Eating sunflower seeds and bananas enhances dopamine levels thereby controlling our mood and anxiety levels and control alcohol instigations. Other foods like leafy greens, green vegetables, fruits, spinach and parsley also aids in controlling alcohol consumption.

Our hypertension is susceptible, for good or for ill, to our lifestyle choices. One such choice that affects directly upon our condition is the amount of alcohol we consume. We can reduce our high blood pressure by limiting the amount of alcohol we consume; but is it necessary to cut out alcohol altogether?

Fill your daily diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. This replaces vitamins and reduces alcohol consumption. Glutamine contains foods also good for reduce alcohol consumption. It increases your ability to sleep and eliminate anxiety. Raw spinaches and parsley are the best examples of glutamine foods. By including it in your daily diet, you could reduce drinking alcohol.

Limiting our alcohol consumption is an aid to losing weight. As alcohol affects the absorption of nutrients from our food, the additional calories are stored as body fat. Reducing our calorie intake from alcohol and taking more nutrients from our food will help us to lose weight and you should live healthy life.

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