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Foods You Should Eat This Summer If You Want To Lose Weight

With the sun shining bright and hard outside, it is time to be happy and make merry too – that is what summer is all about. The vacation seasons brings in a mix bag of fun, frolic and happiness along with summer woes of dehydration, sun strokes and weight gain.
When we enjoy and make merry, summers also provokes us to eat tons of unhealthy foods like sugary treats, sweetened carbonated drinks, bar-be-cued burgers and deep fried foods. It is important that we look after ourselves and watch what we eat in summers. It is evident that unhealthy choices will not only lead us to become unhealthy, but also to gain weight and lead us closure to become overweight and obese.

Some foods do have the ability to actually assist us in our weight loss effort. Let’s discover these food so that this summer season you can enjoy your summer holidays and yet stay in shape having these foods.

This cool and crunchy vegetable is a must in summers. It is not only low in calories that prevents weight fain, but is also very hydrating and enriched with antioxidants that fights inflammation and even helps reduce hypertension. Researchers suggest that this water rich tasty veggies can actually help you live longer.

Another summer miracle fruit that has to be included in the list without any doubt. Apples are enriched with the goodness of a soluble fiber called pectin that takes time to break down and keep sus fuller and satiated for longer. Thereby, you eat less and less of calories laden foods that makes you fat and unhealthy.

Often termed as a superfood, grapefruits are one of the most effective food for weight loss. It is said that having just a half of grapefruit about half an hour before meals brings down your food intake during meals and keeps you fuller and energized for long.

A pure summer fruit, no list can be complete when it is related to good health without watermelon. Made up of more than 90% water content this sweet and delicious food make keep you hydrated and enriched even on the hottest day of the season. Lower in cholesterol it is a great aid for losing weight in summers.

Whether you add them to your favourite smoothie or have them in salads or just have them ripped, whenever you eat them, you go a step closure to optimal health. Resveratrol is what blueberries are loaded, making them one of the best food choice for anyone who is looking to transform their body in the summers. Being low-glycaemic food, they don’t result in drastic insulin spikes brought about by sweet treats.

One of the most underrated food in the summer food list, is a top food choice for those who is looking forward to lose weight in summers. Enriched with high fiber contain is just apt for losing weight.

This sea fish is a blessing to mankind. Instead of a grilled burger swap it with a grilled salmon. The body will bless you after being enriched with proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. It also has certain amounts omega 6 and helps in reducing inflammation and is a great choice for weight loss.

Have it the way you want. As a soup, in a salad or cooked vegetable, you will never run out of water with tomatoes and also feel fuller. Loaded with antioxidants and plenty of potassium is a great aid in summers to keep you hydrated and helps in losing weight.

When we looked at what we have accomplished, you will discover that this plan of healthy eating foods or a way to eat healthy is the way forward. Eating is important and equally important is what we eat? Make healthy and thoughtful eating choices this summer and ensue that you don’t put on those extra weight.

By: Dr Ashu Gupta

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