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For Bloggers – Earn easy money online

imagesHey Friends, We are influencers, We helps brands in making viral their products and in establishing their online identity. Then why we them-selves are behind the curtains…

Why we give them space free on our blogs, portals and social channels just on request PR-agents or other digital agencies..

Even Brands always pay a good money for all the work we do on request of others. But to us, PR experts pay a thank-you. What the bull shit.

Here I would like to break all such thoughts and misconception. We have to be unite. We have to raise our voice : “No free coverage anymore” Pay less but pay at-least….

Here I am going to compile database of good bloggers who work dedicately and honestly & for each coverage, you all will be paid J.

Rules to be member of our database :

  1. Should have a domain name (like not like or on wordpress [dot]com).
  2. Domain Authority should be above 15 . (can check at
  3. Do at-least 2 blogs every week.

Payout Criteria

  1. We will send you release or story, you bloggers just need to cover it & share the link at
  2. With story, payout will be mentioned.
  3. Payment will be made on weekly basis.
  4. If the total amount is Rs 500 or more then will be transferred in your account else Mobile charge will be done of same amount on shared mobile number.

Details need to share

Email us your website name, niche of blogging, domain authority, mobile number, Email ID, Account Details at with subject: Paid bloggers

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