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5 ideas for fun and engaging with your kids

Devoting ‘Time’ is the key to raising kids gadget-free!

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Raising children in nuclear families has become quite strenuous today. It is not as easy as it used to be earlier, when in joint families, kids were raised with not many efforts. In an age of technological advancement, working parents and single child, the family unit has come down to just three people, today. And in such a restricted space, urban lifestyle and almost negligible interaction with neighbors and relatives, children from the current generation hardly intermingle with people other than from their school and college.

This is one of the major reasons children pass their free time hooked on to electronic gadgets, devoid of folks and friends, which is visibly unhealthy. Therefore it is imperative that parents start involving with their kids and give them a space that is gizmo free, and nourishing. Spending quality time with kids in their green years is important for this is how their future will shape. The experiences they get during their childhood, the tricks they learn to face different situations with, give them the desired confidence and assures independence.

One of the best ways of introducing children to newer people is by taking them to different relatives’ and grandparents’ home, from a young age. This way they will know their roots, communicate with people from different environment, as well as learn something from everyone. Visiting grandparents every weekend is also an amazing way of inculcating family values in children while letting them experience different traditions, feasts and festivals.

  1. Taking children to parks, theatre plays, musical concerts, sports clubs, vocational classes, community service centers, NGOs, local food festivals, cultural processions as well as involving them in activities at residential society is a wonderful way of exposing children to different mores and traditions. Giving those tasks and responsibilities will enhance their skills and teach them ways of communicating with people from different walks of life
  1. Teaching children to cook, clean, involving them in maintaining garden and lawn, household chores, ironing, as well as grocery shopping and maintenance is a simple yet innovative way of training children in ways of living
  1. Including them in discussions related to budgeting, traveling, shopping, entertainment, financial planning, investments, and savings is equally crucial to give kids some valuable life lessons. This will divert their minds from games and gizmos, keep them occupied in interesting knowledge and clear their concepts for the future
  1. Expose children to dance, musical instruments, art, craft, photography, foreign languages, pottery, while also instill habits of savings, collecting coins or stamps, and reading newspapers and magazines to engage them different pastime activities, while learning something from each act

It is also vital that children learn ways of exercising, rejoicing, rejuvenating as well as resting, without guilt and apprehensions. Engaging them in Yoga, outdoor games, picnics, treks, casual strolls, morning jogs, over and above weekend getaways and yearly vacations are also fun ways of introducing leisure in life.

By: Mr. Nimish Kenia Co-Founder Happy Planet

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