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‘For God sake do your job,’ says President to MPs

pranab-mukherjee-pti-875Indian President Pranab Mukherjee distressed with Winter Session of the Parliament logjammed made a plea to members of the parliaments, asking them to do their job and not disrupt the session during a seminar on electoral reforms for a stronger democracy in Delhi.

“For God’s sake do your job. Disruptions were totally unacceptable in the parliamentary system,” said the President. 

He added, “I have no intention of accusing any indivisual but disrupting Parliament has become a practice.”

The president reminded the MPs that Parliament is in session on for a few weeks in a year. He asked the demonstrators to chose other place for their demonstrations.

The President added, “People send representatives to speak in the Parliament and not sit on dharna or create any trouble on the floor.

He also said that only a minority disrupt the House business by raising slogans, when the majority are ready for debate. 

“Disruption means you are hurt, you are gagging majority. Majority never participates in this disruption. Only minority comes to the well, shouts slogans, stops the proceedings and creates a situation in which the Chair has no option but to adjourn the House. This is totally unacceptable,” President Mukherjee said.

The government interpreted the President’s plea as a warning to the opposition while the opposition argued the message was equally strongly applicable to the Modi-led government.

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