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For those who are prepared to immerse themselves in a new world, Dune delivers

I won’t sit here pretending that this movie is meant to please every viewer; it certainly isn’t. Denis Villeneuve is consistent to his interpretation of Dune, to his cinematic quips, and to his grandiose style. For those looking for less world-building and more intense action, Dune might not have lived up, but it certainly did for me.

It is an exercise in world-building – how to traverse through a new universe with fluidity and impact. I never read the books but did small research about them. The books have so much information In it, however, Denis Villeneuve was able to stay true to the source material.

The background information of this world is skillfully explained in the movie so casuals can understand. The visuals in this movie are stunning. The details in the architecture, wardrobe and equipment makes this world feel alive. In fact, while watching this movie, I felt like I was indeed in this book and going along this journey. The use of colors amplify the movie and the score gives you a calming sensation like you are indeed walking on the sand and spices of Arrakis.

You can tell that Denis Villeneuve put his heart and soul into this movie. For the actors, this is their best work yet, and although Zendaya plays a small role in the movie she really shines in it. Lady Jessica played by Rebecca Ferguson is by far my favorite character in this movie. The power she has when on screen is unbelievable.

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