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Fortis Hospitals celebrates Mother’s Day by launching a guide on Normal Delivery

Bangalore, May 9th, 2015: On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Fortis Hospitals launched a guide on normal delivery to promote the significance and the benefits of having a normal delivery. The guide shares several insights on several tips pertaining to how one can be prepared in advance for a normal delivery, the exercises that could be followed during pregnancy which will help in natural delivery and the importance of mother and child care post the delivery.

“Despite several rounds of counseling sessions, we see a lot of pregnant women opt for C-sections due to the fear of extreme pain during labour.  Normal delivery is a more natural form of childbirth, so the advantages in this type of delivery may be more for the mother and baby compared to a C-section, which is a surgical process. Moreover, the complications generally associated with Caesarean section birth may not be seen in normal deliveries,” says Dr Anu Sridhar, Senior Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

“On the other hand, there are many who are eager to have a normal delivery as they feel that natural childbirth with minimal intervention is the best thing for them and their child’s well-being. While normal delivery has some advantages over an operative childbirth (typically Caesarean section), there are chances that a medical emergency during labour may make it necessary to have a surgery. Ultimately, the goal is always to have a safe and smooth delivery with the mother and child’s health and safety being our priority,” adds Dr Anu Sridhar.

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