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Four of the Best Places to Swim In LA

A vacation in Los Angeles means that you have access to some of the best and most iconic beaches in the world. But while the call of the ocean is hard to resist, there are also plenty of other options for swimming in and around the city. If you are staying in LA for the weekend or have some time before you depart from California on a cruise, take a look below at four of the best places to cool off and refresh yourself!

Paradise Cove Beach
Starting off with a beach, as swimming in LA just wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the ocean. Paradise Cove, however, is a little off the beaten track, a world away from the noise and excitement of Venice or Santa Monica. A tiny stretch of sand tucked away beneath the bluffs of Malibu; it’s an awesome spot for swimming, surfing, or just strolling through the shallow water.

Malibu Creek Rock Pool
Take a hike through the gorgeous surrounds of Malibu State Park and discover this picturesque volcanic rock pool. With cool, crystal clear waters surrounded by stunning landscapes, it is the perfect way to end a walking adventure. Don’t miss the chance to explore the surrounding park, full of towering peaks, shaded forests, and excellent dirt trails.

Silverwood Lake
A huge reservoir right in the middle of the magnificent San Bernadino National Forest, Silverwood Lake is as perfect a swimming location as you’ll find. It boasts long stretches of pristine white sand, changing facilities and bathrooms, nearby parking, and on-duty lifeguards. Not to mention the beautiful scenery that provides a wonderful backdrop to this lake, with oak woodlands filled with wildlife, including bluebirds, woodpeckers, deer, and squirrels. It is well worth the drive from LA to immerse yourself in nature in this excellent swimming spot.

Deep Creek Hot Springs
Finally, something a little different. Deep Creek Hot Springs might not be the best option for a refreshing dip to escape the heat of the day, but it is still an absolutely incredible place to get into the water! A truly exquisite oasis hidden away amidst the crags of the San Bernadino National Forest, Deep Creek offers naturally occurring hot springs bubbling up from deep underground, a truly incredible experience and not to be missed. For those overwhelmed by the idea of warm water in the LA summer (or a hot bath after a long trek through the forest!), never fear! There are cool, unheated pools as well to refresh yourself in.

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