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Four simple tips to upgrade your wardrobe for summer!

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Pina coladas and sea dives, warm breeze and ice-cream breaks – summer is looking familiar with each passing day. The weather is getting hotter than ever and the winter clothes are slowly making its place back to the trunks. It is time to fold up all the cashmeres and leather jackets to make way for the summer clothes in the wardrobe.

Summer clothes are all about fun colours, light and bright feel and comfort. You cannot think of surviving summer days in your winter or spring clothes. Your wardrobe shall definitely need an upgrade as per the spring/summer trends of 2019. To keep it Stress-free here are four simple tips to upgrade your wardrobe for summer!

  • Breathable fabric is the choice!

With the temperatures running high and humidity all around one is bound to sweat in hot weather. And sweat patches definitely don’t look stylish. To ignore the sweating or the patches, breathable fabrics are a must. Cottons, linens, mul cotton etc are known to be light on the skin, highly breathable and dry up quickly keeping so space for one to feel sweat on their skin. From work arenas to home wear, living in breathable fabrics during summer keeps you away from heatwave and takes care of your skin as well.

  • Go for some pop

Summer is not the season to celebrate black, maroon, dark blues or any bold colours. As the days are brighter and the dark colours absorb more heat, its best to avoid them. Instead go for some pop colours which brighten up your day just like the sun brightens the earth. Clothes in shades of yellow, pinks, light blue, off whites etc are a must to have light clothes lined up for days. As these shades absorb less heat and have a quirky feel to them – they can be your wardrobe staple for the season.

  • Style that extends comfort

Invest in clothes that feel comfortable and serene. The leather pants, denims, or even tight fitted clothes are going to leave you tired and suffocated, especially with the heat around. It is better to pick up from shirt dresses or kurtas that are lighter on the body and aren’t too body hugging. A little space to let the skin breathe brings comfort. And when they are in breathable fabrics you can undoubtedly pull hours traveling in them without a sign of discomfort.

  • Effortlessly minimalist

During summers, heavy detailing on the clothes can weight you down. These are the days when you can dress light and minimal while still making style statements. Pick up simplistic kurtas, maxi dresses or tunics in minimal style. Ikkat print, block prints or even light embroidery is a good idea. A little goes a long way. It is in the details that you style shall speak on its own. And you can always pump up your look with a good shade of lipstick, a good strappy sandal or a statement sunglass.

Summer fashion is all about effortless, comfortable and light feels. Its better to filter down your choices before you invest into summer clothes.

By : Raisin, Contemporary Fusion Wear for Women

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