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Four Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

We all have our calling; that motivator that gets us out of bed every morning. Whether it’s all for the salary, the lifestyle, a cause or a pure passion, work is at the core of human functionality. Once we’ve secured our careers, many of us dream of advancement. An undeniable aspect of human nature; that insatiable desire for more. With hard work and certain maneuver’s there are ways in which you can get that promotion or step up in your career.

Educate to Accumulate

Nowadays, most people go to college and graduate with a top degree. Now more than ever, we have access to the finest research, institutions and we obtain stellar educations. Therefore, it could really be worth going back to school. Adding a master’s or doctorate qualification to your educational arsenal will fine tune your expertise and open you up to superior positions. Moreover, you needn’t worry about the cost of the courses as you can take out graduate private student loans which will see you through your studies. The increase in your paycheck will easily compensate for the repayments too.

Don’t Ask Don’t Get

You need to make your wishes known. Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss or those above you about exploring all options open to you. How can you know if there are further opportunities if you don’t ask for them? Actively seek feedback and regularly display that you have the skills and qualities necessary to move up. Shadow your superiors and ask for their advice. Be upfront and straightforward about your aims and goals. Any strong management wants to see its staff succeed, champion their efforts and help them to climb the ranks. You have to be willing to be persistent, determined and inquisitive.

Make a Solid Plan

There are different rates of career progression depending on the field, company and particulars of the job. Nonetheless, you can still make a short and long-term plan detailing where you see yourself at certain points and what you need to do to get there. Perhaps you want to spend the first year learning the ropes, then you want to take on a project, maybe you’ll need to change companies at some point or have your job role altered along the way. Leave room for all these possibilities in your plan and maybe build in time for a sabbatical, travel opportunity or night course.

The Price of Success is Hard Work

Of course, we must switch off from work and if you push too hard this could have a detrimental effect. Yet, if you are on the cusp of an occupational headway it is vital to put in some extra hours here and there to demonstrate your dedication and willingness to take on new challenges. Getting ahead simply requires good old-fashioned hard work. It’s like running a race; you work your hours exercising that steady pace but as the finish line is in sight you have to give that final sprint. Then as you cross the line you can pant with pleasure as you know you strived to achieve that finish.

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