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Fresh, Tastier & Healthier Food with LG’s New Linear Compressor Technology

High-tech Inverter Linear Compressor now available in ALL LG Top-Freezer refrigerators newspatrolling

High-tech Inverter Linear Compressor now available in ALL LG Top-Freezer refrigerators

Stocking up your refrigerator with the freshest, most nutritious food items is certainly a healthy choice. However, maintaining the freshness, texture, taste, nutrition and longevity of food items has always been a challenge. Conventional refrigerators are just not designed for such purposes. Keeping in mind the health needs of consumers, electronics major LG has just unveiled its new range of Linear Top-Freezer refrigerators. All Top-Freezer refrigerators in this new lineup will be powered by the advanced Inverter Linear Compressor technology. LG’s new state-of-the-art compressor technology is designed to keep your food items fresh for longer, maintain its nutritional value, and boost its taste and texture. With this new compressor technology, you can be rest assured that your food will stay fresh for as many as 14 days.

At the core of the new Inverter Linear Compressor is LG’s LINEAR Cooling system, which is designed to provide superior cooling and maintain a consistent temperature inside all areas of the refrigerator. The efficient cooling and steady temperature ensures that your food stays fresh for longer and retains its natural texture, flavor and nutrition. Think about apples that will retain their crunch and juicy insides even after ten days in the refrigerator. Or leafy greens that would still be fresh, tender and nutritious even after several days. The same applies to almost all fruits & vegetables and other food items that you may plan to store in LG’s new Linear Top-Freezer refrigerator powered by the advanced Inverter Linear Compressor Technology.

LG’s advanced LINEAR Cooling system restricts temperature fluctuations to the minimum; never exceeding more than ± 0.5 degree Celsius. This optimal level of consistency in temperature control is a major contributor to retaining the freshness of food items. The technology also helps maintain the desired level of humidity, which is vital for retaining the freshness, nutrition and juiciness of fruits and vegetables. LG’s new Top-Freezer refrigerators also feature advanced Door Cooling system that ensures effective and consistent cooling all throughout the refrigerator. It ensures efficient cooling that is 35 percent faster, as compared to conventional refrigerators.

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor is also designed for improved efficiency. As compared to conventional compressors that are driven by a reciprocating drive, LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor utilizes a linear piston drive. This reduces friction significantly, resulting in lower energy consumption and less noise. The new compressor technology is also more reliable and durable. LG is offering a 10-year warranty on the compressor, which reflects its superior durability and reliability. In a test conducted by the leading German scientific and technical association Verband der Elektrotechnik Informationstechnik (VDE), it was revealed that LG’s new Inverter Linear Compressor can operate for up to 20 years without any complications.

LG’s new Linear Top-Freezer refrigerators, powered by Inverter Linear Compressor technology, are designed to provide maximum benefits to consumers. If you want to keep your food fresh for longer and retain its taste and nutrition, you should definitely try this new range of refrigerators by LG.

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