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Fresh trouble for Sanjay Dutt? High court questions his early release

Newspatrolling: After going through so many troubles in life, it was a great day for Sanjay Dutt when he was finally released in February, 2016. However, it appears that his troubles are far from over, as the Bombay High Court has questioned his early release from prison. It may be recalled that Sanjay Dutt was released 8 months ahead of his full term for good behavior. Moreover, Dutt was also allowed to go outside jail on several occasions and overall he spent more than 100 days outside jail. Such privileges are not normally available to other prisoners. The Bombay High Court has reacted strongly to these favors made for Sanjay Dutt by the Maharashtra government.

The Bombay High Court has now asked the Maharashtra government to justify its actions pertaining to the favors done and early release of Sanjay Dutt. Reacting strongly to the leniency shown, a judge at the Bombay High Court asked, “How did the authorities assess that Dutt’s conduct was good? When did they get the time to make such assessment when he was out on parole half the time?” The court made its observations while hearing a Public Interest Litigation or PIL, which seeks to counter the alleged favors done to Dutt while he was in jail. The case will come up for hearing again next week.

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