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Freyaz Shroff

Freyaz 1Born and raised in Mumbai, India Freyaz moved to America, with her family, just a couple of months shy of her 13th birthday.  She graduated from High School with honors and was voted Student of the Year for her district.  With a Bachelors of Sociology and M.B.A. Freyaz steadily progressed in Corporate America spanning across the finance, marketing, operations and strategy sectors. She has served as a board member for a Leadership Program focused on Working Professionals and as a Board Member for the city’s Chamber of Commerce.  She has also earned esteemed awards such as Manager of the Year in 2002.

In 2006 Freyaz moved back to Mumbai, India where she started her own business called KurNiv Success Solutions, focusing on Strategic Consulting, Success Coaching and Empowering Individuals through allowing them to focus on the best that resides within them.

Freyaz is a dynamic young entrepreneur who has created a unique approach which combines hands on involvement and a unique concept of dynamic dialogue which allows individuals to steadily releaseunhealthy mental patterns and replace them with productive ones.

Freyaz remains very active in the non-profit sector as well.  Her continued involvement with the community, earned her an Outstanding Community Service Award in America in 2003.  She has volunteered as a Rape Crisis Counselor and a Domestic Violence Counselor.  She has most prominently been involved in work that involves uplifting women and empowering children.

Through the Rotary Club of Bombay, she works with children from the municipal school and private school sectors to create friendships, build understanding and bridge divides.  She has addressed the United Nations’ Commission of the Status of Women in February 2012 and in 2012 won the JamshedPavri Humanitarian of the Year Award!

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