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how Naveen Jindal turned things around

It is never easy for a businessman to look beyond the objectives of his organization, let alone delving deep into a different endeavor altogether. Every business demands a focused approach to come out unscathed from the challenging market conditions and take decent strides during favorable business environment, making it almost impossible to invest the precious time on serving a different purpose.

The journey of Naveen Jindal started in a similar fashion after completing his education and returning back to India. He joined the family business and embarked on a path of entrepreneurship to prove his mettle. Although he achieved whatever he envisioned during his early days, Naveen felt that he had more to offer to the nation. He started thinking beyond the corporate goals and soon an incident occurred that proved to be a turning point in his life.

The incident was pertaining to the fundamental right of hoisting the national flag on any given day, besides the dedicated republic and independence day. Even after more than 50 years of independence, the right was curbed and the citizens weren’t allowed to hoist the Tiranga at public events or gatherings. It felt quite indifferent to Naveen Jindal, who was accustom to waiving his national flag with pride during various events in the US.

This is when the industrialist took it upon himself to launch a legal struggle for the right to hoist the national flag anywhere with pride and enthusiasm. It took a decade-long struggle, before the Supreme Court passed a verdict on 23 January, 2004, allowing the citizens to hoist the national flag at any time of the year. The incident completely changed the life of this business tycoon, who felt a sense of pride in winning the case on the behalf of 130 crore Indians. Naveen started working even harder to serve the nation and impact the lives of the fellow countrymen.

Naveen Jindal was always a patriot at heart, but the verdict made him realize that he can make a greater contribution during the course of his journey. The industrialist started a number of programs to uplift the communities, besides working in sync with the national initiatives. He not only transformed a sluggish business into one of the biggest iron manufacturing plants in the world, but also addressed the issues of public that made him stand apart from his competitors.

With immense love for his country, the passion and faithfulness of Naveen Jindal were never questionable. However, the determination of the industrialist has been quite unmatched. He feels emotionally connected with his roots and aims to utilize every opportunity to serve the interest of his beloved motherland.


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