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From delivery boy to a multi-millionaire – a fascinating journey

Just 12 years back, Ambur Iyyappa used to work as any other delivery boy with a courier company. But now he is a multi-millionaire at Flipkart. Iyyappa comes from Tamil Nadu and he started his career at First Flight Couriers. He worked for four years at First Flight, after which he decided to join a three-month course to improve his resume. After completing the course, he got to know about a vacancy at Flipkart, which at that time was just a small online bookstore. Iyyappa went to Flipkart, where he was interviewed by Flipkart’s founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Iyyappa was selected for the position and he became the first employee at Flipkart.

Iyyappa proved to be a great asset for Flipkart, as he was extremely good at his job. From his first salary of Rs 8,000, Iyyappa now earns more than 6 lakh and is now an associate director managing customer experience. However, his real wealth is the shares of Flipkart, which have continued to grow in value over the years and have made Iyyappa a multi-millionaire. Today, Iyyappa confesses that joining Flipkart was one of the best decisions of his life, even though initially he was skeptical since e-commerce was still pretty small 12 years back.

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