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From PCOs/ STDs to smartphones: Technologies that changed from 90s to the 2000 era

Nostalgia hits whenever the 90s are remembered. Along with the change in our lifestyles, technologies have changed too. A lot of things have changed around us. Especially, for the 90s kids, things have taken a drastic turn now. While we were young cell phones weren’t even introduced into the market and now every school going kid possess a smartphone. Let us take a look at all those technologies that have upgraded from the 90s to the 2000 era.

  1. From Discman to MP3 Players and Smartphones: In the 90s listening to music was on a Discman with borrowed CDs from friends or rent them from shops. Also, a recorded cassette from the radio was inserted into a Walkman to listen to songs and podcasts. Today it is all about using smartphones to stream the tunes from Spotify or YouTube.
  2. From MySpace to Facebook: Back then almost everyone spent hours on making their Geocities webpage and with the introduction of MySpace some serious time was spend on customizing the list of top 5 friends. In this new era, our online presence is marked through Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the count is lost.
  3. From Ask Jeeves to OK Google: In the 90s, browsing the Internet was something of an ordeal to perform which involved an AOL homepage on which a couple of minutes was spent for figuring out the questions to Ask Jeeves and get the appropriate results. And today, we use voice notes to browse things on the Internet. Well, so many related options to our searches get us all confused and make the process of browsing so difficult. Isn’t it?
  4. From Sega and game gear to Xbox and PlayStation: Remember the times when you had to spend hours on connecting the gaming console to your TV and then share it with your siblings or friends to play a game? With the introduction of Xbox and PlayStation, the concept of Sega and Gear remain intact, however, the technology has improved manifold times.
  5. From sharing the TV with the entire family to watching streaming shows on Netflix: In the 90s watching a TV means having to share the remote with the entire family and watch a show that suited everybody’s interest. Taking a leap to the time where Netflix has taken over. Apart from watching the shows on TV, you can now use your laptops, tablets, or smartphones to stream videos online.

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