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From varsity baseball to multiple businesses, the story of Johnny A. Pineyro

Johnny A. Pineyro is a lawyer in the field of aviation, writer of the book ‘Get the justice you deserve’ and founder of the Florida Injury Law Firm. He was born on June 2, 1972 in Miami, Florida to Cuban-American immigrant parents. He currently resides in Golden Oak, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

He pursued education in an all-boys Jesuit Prep School, where he played Varsity Baseball enthusiastically. Post the completion of high school, Pineyro attended Florida State University and joined the Pre-Law Society which paved the way for his career in the field of law. After graduating at the age of 18, Pineyro got admitted in the Villanova Law School in Pennsylvania.  Midway through the course, he got transferred to Stetson College of Law where he was a part of the International Moot Court.  He was later given an opportunity by the Florida Supreme Court to practice law at their institution, along with the Federal Southern and Middle Districts of Florida and the District of Colorado.

 In the year 2008, Pineyro founded the Florida Injury Law Firm (formerly known as Pineyro Law Firm). The firm focuses on helping people to seek compensation for personal injury caused to them. He became an author and published his first book “Get the Justice You Deserve” in July 2011.

 Pineyro’s keen interest in aviation enabled him to become a licensed pilot for land based and aquatic aircrafts.  He has kept aviation as his primary focus career wise and have logged over 1000 hours flying piston, turboprop and turbine fixed wing aircraft. Also, he is the proud owner of four aircrafts including King Air 90 and Citation 510. Pineyro has served the local Kissimmee Airport Advisory Board for 3 years. In 2016, Pineyro attended MIT in Boston to gain expertise in the field of supply chain.

 Pineyro has been an active entrepreneur by building various business enterprises like – Daedalus Transport (a logistics company with multiple tractors and trailers to haul goods across North America), ILUM Advertising, Brokeit (an electronic device repair company offering rapid same-day service to customers in the United States) and NozamaPro (an e-commerce based education website specializing in training how to sell anything on Amazon). Pineyro has also served on the Board of Directors of Challenge Air in Dallas (Texas) and Mercy Flight in Leesburg (Florida), which earned him a membership of the Veterans Air Command. Through the huge empire he has created, the net worth of Pineyro today is around $9 million.

 In the year 2011, Pineyro travelled and lived in Tokyo (Japan) where he and his wife Amy Pineyro adopted twin daughters and named them Kaiya and Camila.

 Pineyro has a keen interest in Kenpo martial arts and is currently pursuing a black belt in Krav Maga. He is also an Avid tennis player (ranked 4.0 by the USTA) and an exclusive travel enthusiast.


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