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Fundamental needs of pet dogs that every owner should address

Most of the pet owners boast their worries on how to take perfect care. They do a lot of enquiries over the web, and show their interest in spending some bucks as well. However, before thinking about any kind of expense, it is more essential to consider them as part of family. Once someone considers them as a family member, it becomes easy to feel or realize about the needs. Anyway, discussed below are some of the basic needs those are considered the musts for a pet dog.

Providing proper diet with perfect nutritional value

In comparison with any other pet, it is essential to be more careful regarding the nutrition of pet dogs. Specifically, nutrition of dogs is required to be more enriched with protein contents. Maintaining perfect gap between different servings is equally important. Moreover, it needs to be addressed as per the age of the dog. For example, when it comes about the adult dogs, a proper balanced diet should be served at least two times in a day. On the other hand, the young puppies before four months are essential to be fed thrice to four times in a day. After four months, they can be served two properly balanced meals (enriched with protein).

At the same time maintaining nutritional value, it is important to ensure that the diet is appetizing enough for the dog. Best recommendation would be to try homemade foods initially. If the dog responds it well, preference should be given more on it as it assures about the quality or purity. Above all, one should consult veterinarians and seek their advice regarding nutrition, especially for the young puppies. Equal emphasis should be given towards water quality as well.

Addressing their comfort and social needs:

Unlike modern day humans, dogs are pretty social animals. A pet dog should not be excluded from the primary family space. It’s quite inhuman to see the way some people simply chain the dogs for days and nights at a specific place, exterior to primary living zone. Some even put them chained outside without a roof on top. Not just that such behaviours affect a dog mentally, but more from physical perspectives. One must remember that dogs love staying with family. No need to worry about their excretion; even a street dog hides its excretions with dusts. Yes, for the night hours or for their comfort, there should be a dedicated space available; something like a kennel or proper bedding. Even if you want to restrict them to certain places, it should be done in a well guided way. Dogs are very obedient; once they are taught not to move to a certain place, they would never go there. It would be even better to have a temperature controlled shelter for them.          

Physical exercise

It is quite essential for the pet dogs to do some exercise regularly. One should at least take them on outing or simply for strolling around the streets twice in a day. Best recommendation would be to set a proper exercise routine for them. In fact, level of exercises varies from breeds to breeds. One must consult the veterinarians in this regard.

Regular Health check-up:

No matter how healthy and well behaved the dog appears from outside, it is quite essential to take them to veterinarians on a regular basis for health check-up. One should visit once in a month for routine check-ups. Moreover, no delay should be afforded upon witnessing signs of illness in them. Not just illness, one should consult for any kind of behavioural changes as well.  

A healthy and happy life of your dog can be thoroughly ensured upon addressing these basic aspects.       

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