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Future of kids segment in the next 5 years

Technologically intuned Games magnetizing Children!


It’s ‘Tech Sports’ that’s magnetizing Children!

The world everyday is innovating with the advancing technology, and gripping us with firm hands. While having technology involved in almost every aspect of life is debatable, one cannot ignore its innumerable benefits, and the effectiveness, it has passed on to us.

The generation of children today, has been raised with immense progress in the healthcare sector, and these kids are now growing up with education that is digitized, virtual and tech-savvy. From Sports, Vocational Activities, Education, Recreation to Shopping and Socializing, technology has sipped in, made life easier, efficient and with newer developments almost daily, a new world of learning has been created. The time of ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’, is gradually being taken over by virtual classrooms and e-learning. From video games, languages, online courses, DIY Tutorials, to seeking information and know-how of every product, erudition has taken over a new roadway of technology.

In this age of gadgets like Tablets, Smart Phones and Laptops, children are self teaching, learning and surely developing opinion and intellect, the need for teachers in the social, moral and emotional development of children is still imperative. While a lot of schools and coaching centers have incorporated classrooms updated with latest hi-tech teaching facilities, physical games and activities too need to focus on streamlining time honored games with modern trends.

Certainly there has been a stark fall in the number of children playing outdoor, there has been a steep descend in the number of hours they spend on the playground too. While parents have been trying hard to bring their wards to the parks and are providing with every facility encouraging children to play outdoor games, kids lack enthusiasm in continuing these activities.

The kids today are more inquisitive, eager, independent in approach and definitely tech-savvy. They need an environment where physical games are intuned with modern Science, an ambience which is electronically facilitated, and a space which is safe, updated with a variety of video and corporal games, together with effective and quick development.

The brood of today desires indoor play parks that provide the essence of outdoor games, is filled with vibrancy, and is focused at creating experiences that entails fitness and entertainment. Children nowadays and in the coming years will focus more on learning a certain activity and developing it at competing levels, rather than just playing it for the sake of amusement. There focus is shifting from simply acquainting themselves with a vocation to actually understanding its know-how. The kids now center their attention towards becoming master of one thing, rather than becoming jack of all trades.

Modern games and actions such as Trampoline, Aerial Adventure, Skate Carting, Thrill Slides, , Indoor Zipline, Net Maze, Ninja Challenge and Crazy Crossover engage children and offer an absolutely unique and unparalleled experience. Owing to technology, the world has become quite interconnected, with newer pastimes are being developed and shared easily and quickly, attracting children and ensuring that they remain hooked and booked!

By: Mr. Nimish Kenia, Co – Founder, Happy Planet

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