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Futuristic Gadgets That You Can Buy Now : With advancements in technology, new gadgets are being launched on a regular basis. Most people love gadgets and owing to the huge demand for latest electronic gadgets, manufacturing companies are always trying to create something new and more useful. Here we look at some advanced gadgets that look futuristic and fictional, but are actually available in the market.

Weather forecasting umbrella: You can certainly check weather updates on your PC or smartphone, but isn’t that quite boring? How about an umbrella that provides weather updates automatically? It may seem futuristic, but such an umbrella is already available in the market. The umbrella connects to your Wi-Fi and if there’s a chance of rain, it blinks a specific LED light to indicate the same. A weather forecasting umbrella will ensure that you don’t forget it when you may need it the most.

Auto ordering trash can: We already heard of the refrigerator that places orders online, as stuff is taken out of the refrigerator. The latest in this series of products is an advanced trash can that automatically ordersgrocery items online. The trash can is equipped with camera and bar code scanner and it scans all the packets you throw inside it. It will then automatically place the order for that product. With an auto ordering trash can, you will never have to worry about running out of groceries.

Interactive photo frame: Long distance relationships are certainly being aided by video calling, but the classic charm of a photo frame still remains. To make the experience a lot more immersive, an interactivepicture frame can be used. This picture frame can sense when someone is looking at it and it glows in response. This enhances our feeling of love and warmth that we experience when remembering a loved one.

Fork to help you lose weight: Powered by AI, this fork can sense how fast you are eating, total servings consumed and total time spent during the meals. Data is collected automatically, which you can use to modify your eating habits. The fork also gives real time warnings, for example, it will vibrate gently if you are eating too fast.

These futuristic gadgets are certainly desirable, but most of them are likely to be priced at a premium. However, if your love for latest electronic gadgets knows no bounds, you can certainly go for it. You can flaunt your latest gadgets and be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

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