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GANT Introduces Tech Prep

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February 2017: GANT is proud to introduce Tech Prep to a selection of the brand’s varied shirt selection. The innovative fabric features enhance the timeless GANT look with new technology, designed specifically to support an active lifestyle. Made with smart fabrics, Tech Prep is a revolution in classic elegance.

The young modern, ambitious, well dressed professional goes through the rigors of a hectic schedule and can come across uncomfortable situations as they make their way through life. Trech Prep ensures that you stay preppy with hidden benefits which help in keeping your style looking cool. GANT is proud to be pioneers and champions of the preppy look. Tech Prep shirts are designed so that no matter what the world throws at you, you are Never Not Comfortable. Whether biking to the office, and jumping straight into a meeting, or catching an evening flight to a morning boardroom, with GANT’s shirts with Tech Prep you can simply pop your collar, get on with it, and do it all again next week.

Tech Prep has three key qualities:

QUICK-DRY-Tech Prep is high-performing microfiber polyester, which moves sweat away from the body to the fabric surface where it evaporates. The technology behind this feature is a treatment applied to the yarns so that it does not absorb sweat and other liquids.This allows the fabric to dry faster than normal untreated fabric.

BREATHABLE– Tech Prep garments are woven in such a way to allow air and body heat through the fabric, maintaining the wearer’s core temperature.

WICKING – The shirts actively absorb humidity from the skin and transport it from the body to the outer surface. The key feature of this attribute is the cooling effect. This is achieved through the shape of the yarns. At a molecular level, a cross section of the yarns looks like a star shape. This shape allows air to move in and out of the fabric, helping to maintain an optimum body temperature.

A key piece from the Tech Prep selection is the Stripe Regular Shirt which is an active shirt that retains the look of the iconic GANT oxford shirt but with excellent technical features. This allows it to dry quickly and breathe more easily, perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle. This key piece is made from a combination of woven solid yarn and Jaspé yarn, a twisted two-color yarn that creates a mélange effect. Ideal for the office or tucking into a denim over the weekend.

The Tech Prep selection ensures the GANT man to be his cool, preppy self all the time!

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