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Gemalto Trusted Services Hub expands secure service deployment to 350 million more mobile devices

Amsterdam, February 18, 2015 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, is growing again the capabilities of its Allynis Trusted Services Hub​ that permits an easy deployment of security-sensitive applications by enterprises, banks and other digital service providers, adding the reach to more than 350 million additional mobile devices equipped with Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)1, including the Samsung Galaxy range and other mobile devices from major handset makers. In practice, enterprises and digital services providers connected to Gemalto’sAllynis Trusted Services Hub immediately gain access to 350 million additional potential users, with Gemalto handling all the back-office process on their behalf. 

The Trusted Execution Environment is an isolated hardware-protected processing environment within smartphones and other devices that enables dynamic security-sensitive applications on-the-go, such as authentication, VPN and secure email, payment and content protection. By connecting to the Trustonic TEE, which is embedded in a large number of connected objects and remotely activable, the Allynis Trusted Service Hub is scaling up the addressable base of end users to maximize market reach for service providers seeking secure, rapid and easy deployment. For end users, the process is completely transparent. When a secure app such as VPN is installed, Allynis Trusted Service Hub automatically secures it into the TEE, providing users and service providers with reassurance of their credentials, tokens and content data. 

“TEE enabled devices offer the potential to simplify and expand the services that end users experience. Making such technology accessible and simple to adopt by application developers is the challenge,” said Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. “Today’s announcement by Gemalto is a major step forward, unlocking a simple path to deployment across hundreds of millions of TEE enabled devices. Taken together with the scale of Gemalto’s vertical businesses in enterprise, internet and mobile banking and government, we look forward to seeing many TEE enhanced services appearing through 2015”. 

“The capacities of the Allynis Trusted Service Hub are growing exponentially, giving always more options to address market fragmentation. Tod​​ay, the addition of Trustonic TEE-enabled devices translates into hundreds of millions of new reachable users by enterprises and service providers who wish to protect their data, instantly“, said Jean-Claude Deturche, Senior VP of Mobile Financial Services at Gemalto. “Allynis Trusted Services Hub is fully technology-agnostic and addresses any type of security framework. In addition to offering the broadest reach of users, it also offers the most future-proof technology enabling service providers to maximize market reach in a simple and secure way across mobile platforms.”    

1 Source: Trustonic​​​​

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