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George Gstar’s Favorite Rides

Just like diamonds are a woman’s best friend, supercars are a man’s best friend. Men love everything about them. The speed, the shape, the colors, the extra features and even the outrageous prices. There are so many men who can spend hours talking about the latest fast cars and all the new features they have. Most spend their time googling their favorite cars and drooling over their phones. But if you are a multimillionaire like George Gstar, instead of just looking at your favorite supercars and drooling, you can actually buy them.

If there is one thing we know about the self-made multimillionaire, it’s that he sure loves his cars. Below are some of George Gstar’s favorite rides and reasons why he loves them.

  1. Ferraris

Gstar’s love for Ferraris is quite obvious. He posts pictures of the whip all over his media and any car lover would understand just why he’s obsessed with this car. First of all, Ferraris are one of the most popular car brands and this is fascinating because the production of the brand is always very limited. So you can see one of the reasons Gstar doesn’t hesitate to show off his Ferraris. If you were one out of 7000 thousand people to own something in a world of over three billion people, you know you would be showing it off at every opportunity too!

Ferraris are very comfortable and fast and this combination isn’t something you’d get from a lot of car brands. Most are either comfortable or fast, hardly ever the both combined together. But with Ferraris, you get the two features in one package. This shows that Gstar has a great eye when it comes to cars and he sure wants the world to know this.

Then there’s the amazing shape and color of the brand. There aren’t a lot of car brands which can pull off bright colors like yellow, sky blue, bright red, white, pink and even purple, but the Ferrari definitely can. The sleek shape would also attract a second look from anyone. The moment you see the sexy black horse, you find yourself holding your breath in anticipation for the wonderful view that is the Ferrari. Who wouldn’t want to have such an effect on people with something they own?

Gstar loves his Ferraris so much and never misses an opportunity to show them off in his pictures.

  1. Range Rover

One of the car brands Gstar clearly rates highly in his car collection is the Range Rover – and for good reason! Who doesn’t love a hot SUV? Basically, if every man in the world had an opportunity to own 3 of their favorite cars, at least 80% of them would have Range Rovers! Sadly not all men can have their favorite cars, but Gstar definitely can!

The brand provides optimum luxury and style in an SUV. Unlike other luxury cars, Range Rovers are actually big enough to carry a load and a large number of people. No doubt the millionaire chooses his Range whenever he and his guys go out together or when he goes over to the store to buy groceries (if he doesn’t already have people buying them for him). The space of Range Rovers is one of the factors that attracts men to it.

The car’s design is also appealing to the male gender. It’s very edgy and bold – just the way men like it. Men would rather be in a big car than be in a smaller one and the brand provides this. No doubt this is one of the reasons Gstar has pictures of his Range Rovers in 1 out of every 10 of his pictures on Instagram!

The brand’s cabin is also fully swatted in leather which gives it a very classy yet edgy vibe. The Range Rover also features amazing technology such as the dual view screen. This screen puts different information on display based on what side of the car you’ll be viewing it from. This way Gstar can get a view of the navigation map while any other person he’s driving can watch movies.

Range Rovers are also surprisingly lightweight which makes them very fast. Their build-up also makes them suitable for driving on both smooth and rough roads. Range Rover cars can be driven on unpaved roads and come out strong. What man wouldn’t want that? Gstar definitely appreciates all the features Range Rovers offer which is why he wastes no time in showing the beast off.

  1. Lamborghini

One look at the bull symbol and you probably just want to hate on the millionaire for having so much money and driving your dream car. The Lamborghini, commonly called the “Lambo” is one of the coolest fast cars presently on earth. The car brand comes in amazing shapes and sizes and George Gstar has made sure to show off his blue Lamborghini on his Instagram a couple of times. While the brand is costly, it’s easier to overlook how expensive it is when one considers its amazing features. This clearly is something Gstar must’ve done before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car.

The brand’s engines are either V12 which produces about 800 horsepower or V10 which produces 600 horsepower. The engines are also handmade and designed to very high tolerance levels. Lamborghinis are made with very high-quality materials in order to ensure they encompass strength and structural rigidity with an aesthetic appearance. Materials used for Lamborghinis include titanium, carbon fiber, Carbon ceramic brakes, Carbitaniun, leather and so on.

Unlike Range Rovers, Lambos aren’t built for rough work but for performance. This has to be one of the reasons Gstar balanced out his collection with SUVs and luxury cars. Lamborghinis are also high-quality cars so it’s understandable that your favorite celebrity would spend so much money on them.

From the list above, one thing is certain: George Gstar has a great taste in cars and wastes no time in exploring his taste!

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