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Gerber® Has Designed Snacks And Nutritional Products To Meet The Developmental Needs Of Your Child

Gerber®’s Snacks and Nutritional Products Are Made To Meet The Developmental Needs Of Your Child

“You are what you eat” is probably one of the best ways of describing the importance of eating healthy. It applies to all of us and even more so for our children who need optimal nutrition for their growth and development. Something that has turned out to be an eye-opener for me, I would like to share it with everyone who is reading this.

A first-time mom, I was not exactly sure which foods would be most appropriate for my baby after she reaches six months. Breastfeeding can adequately take care of an infant’s nutritional needs till 6 months, but beyond that the choices are not so simple. It’s the time when your baby’s nutritional and energy needs can no longer be met by breast milk alone. Along with breast milk, you have to supplement with complementary feeding, which is exactly where the confusion begins. Things are not clear, as there’s way too much information, often contradictory in nature.

Just like any other anxious mom, worried about the nutritional needs of their growing baby, I too was reading a lot of stuff and asking recommendations from family and friends. Thankfully for me, I came across Gerber baby food, which is one of the biggest baby food brands in the world and No. 1 in the USA. Initially, I was apprehensive about food items that came in packets. But when I read more about Gerber products in detail and their long history since 1927, I was sure that this is exactly what I needed for my baby.

Gerber baby snacks and nutritional products are now available in India and can be ordered online. Gerber® has designed snacks and nutritional products to meet the developmental needs of your child. The first product I ordered was Gerber 1st Foods Peach baby food and I can see that my child is already hooked. Gerber 1st Foods Peach contains the goodness of peaches and comes in a non-messy package that you and your baby can easily handle. From a nutritional perspective, it’s quite good for my baby. It has essential nutrients like sodium, potassium, protein, carbs, and Vitamin C.

To maintain an optimal balance of nutrition and taste, Gerber recommends that you need to feed your baby two to three types of snacks every day. Whenever possible, I also add nuts and seasonal fruits to the snacks to make them even more nutritious and satisfying.

Gerber baby snacks and nutritional products have turned out to be truly amazing for me and my baby. Based on my experience with Gerber baby foods, here are some key reasons why I will recommend these to all moms looking for optimal nutrition for their babies and toddlers.

Real fruits, vegetables and whole grains – Gerber baby foods and nutritional products are made from real fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These are offered in easily digestible form, so that your baby can have optimal nutrition without tummy troubles. Gerber baby foods come with key nutrients such as minerals, healthy fats, carbs, protein and vitamins.

No GMO – A lot of food items that we see in supermarkets are probably GMO products. Claims have been made that these are totally safe for human consumption. But, can you trust these for your baby? I certainly cannot, which is why I chose Gerber baby food, which is guaranteed to be non-GMO. Gerber is the only baby food company that controls the entire supply chain of its products. This ensures purity of fruits, vegetables whole grains and all other ingredients.

Chemical free – Gerber baby foods and snacks do not contain any synthetic materials such as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. With organic farming techniques, Gerber has also ensured that its baby foods are free from pesticides.

Backed by research – Over the years, Gerber has invested a lot of money and resources to create foods that are perfect for babies and toddlers. All nutritional elements are balanced as per the baby’s age, thereby ensuring the best fit for your child’s growth and development.

Sustainable farming – Gerber utilizes sustainable farming techniques that are safe for our planet. Gerber is also working on the entire value chain to ensure that most processes are environment friendly.

As my baby is all smiles and growing healthily, I have every reason to thank Gerber for creating such tasty, safe and nutritious baby foods and snacks. At a time when adulteration and use of pesticides and chemicals are causing widespread health issues, I believe that Gerber is no less than an oasis for my baby. To all moms out there, I would strongly recommend that you supplement with Gerber baby foods along with breast milk.


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