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German nurse may have killed more than 90 patients, reveals new police investigation

In a terrifying development, new investigations conducted by German police have revealed that a male nurse may have killed at least 90 patients through drug overdose. The nurse has already been convicted and was sentenced to life sentence two years ago for the murder of two patients through drug overdose. However, new investigations conducted by the police have revealed that the nurse may have killed many more patients. The minimum estimates indicate at least 90 murders, but police said that it can also be twice that figure. If true, this would be the worst killing spree in post-war Germany.

The male nurse, Niels Hoegel, was convicted in 2015 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was convicted of murdering two patients with lethal drug overdose. As part of the new investigations, the police exhumed bodies of the patients that were declared dead at the hospital where Hoegel used to work. The police found that many of the dead bodies had evidence of drug overdose. Speaking about the findings of the new investigations, Johann Kuehme, police chief in the city of Oldenburg said, “The insights we were able to gain are terrifying, they surpass what we could have imagined.” Hoegel used to inject patients with drugs that resulted in heart failure or circulatory collapse.

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