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Get ready for high-speed internet with ISRO’s three new satellites

India may have the numbers to claim the second spot globally in internet user base, but when it comes to internet speed, it ranks a low 105th. However, this is set to change in the next 18 months with three new satellites being launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). ISRO chairman Kiran Kumar said that the space agency will be launching three brand new communications satellites in the coming months. The first of these, GSAT-19, will be launched in June, which will enable data transfer at speeds of 4 gbps (Gigabytes per second). By the end of 2017, the second satellite GSAT-11 will be launched, which will allow an even greater rate of data transfer at 13 gbps. The third satellite, GSAT-20, will be launched next, which will have data transfer capability of 60-70 gbps.

It may be recalled that the average internet connection speed in India currently is just 4.1 mbps, due to which it ranks 105th in the list of world’s internet connectivity speed. The countries ahead of India in internet speed are South Korea (the leader with 26.3 Mbps) and Hong Kong (20 Mbps), Sri Lanka (6 Mbps), Vietnam (6.3 Mbps) and China (5.7 Mbps). The three new satellites that will be launched by ISRO will prove to be a game changer for internet speed in the country.

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