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Get Ready for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Witnessing the Cricket World Cup 2019 is a dream come true for any real fan. With the onset of the 12th edition of this format, the world cup is scheduled to be organized in England and Wales. Players have done their preparation, coaches have made the strategies and now it’s time for the fans to start their preparations. Book your tickets or subscribe to Star Sports (the official streaming channel) and take out the jersey of your favorite team, the real festival of the cricket is here.

This time ICC has followed a new type of format which has not been followed for a long time. In this, every team would get a chance to compete with each other and the best of four would reach into the semi-finals. This means that you’ll get an opportunity to see your favorite team beat every other squad on the list.

●      Will the history repeat itself?

It’s become a growing trend that the host team takes away the trophy, with India winning it in 2011 followed by Australia. This is because the home country is well-versed with the pitch and they have a good practice of playing on the fields. It’s predicted by experts that England’s squad is the strongest it has ever been and this might be the perfect opportunity for them to lift the cup.

●      Who is more like to win the cup?

England being the host country, would be a significant factor or will it be India’s fantastic form that will lead them to a win? Answering questions like these with surety would be a mistake right now. Each team will be presenting their best and all one can say is that there is going to be fierce competition out there on the field. Predictions are always based on assumptions and are proved wrong by the element of surprise.

●      The timing of the matches

Contrary to last year, this time the matches would be scheduled at 10 am in the morning until 7 pm. This is because the events would be played in broad daylight, and there is a gap between the time zone of England and India.

●      Before booking tickets acquire a UK visa

In all this enthusiasm don’t go straight to the ICC website and start booking the tickets, in order to go to England you would require a UK visa. If you do not have a visa then, first apply for it otherwise the tickets would be of no value to you. Do not wait for the last moment to apply for the permit as these procedures take time; make sure you do it beforehand.

●      Gamble with care

Gambling is fun, and it’s more exciting when you are betting on your favorite game. But before that, make sure to analyze each and every team in depth. Also, do not use up all your money, keep your savings aside so that if by chance you lose all your money, you have something to rely on.


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